Too Close


Well... I am working. I've been working for a few days now on my "Gather" ATCs... and am finding myself channeling energy through these... and feeling incredibly happy about it. Oddly... I'm not working in the kitchen. I'm working in the living room... from my chair... using my little side table... and... I've been adding layers of paint (takes a while to build up intensity on this board) in the early morning and late, late at night.

So... in the early, early morning... I've got coffee.

Late, late at night... I've been drinking tea.

You know where this is headed, right?

Yep... it's almost happened more than once, but today, in fact, I did dunk my brush full of paint in my coffee to rinse rather than in the little Starbuck's cup I continue to favor for paint water.


Just a teaser photo, I know.

But, it's early in the month, folks.

I'll show other photos of these in process in the coming days.

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