A Moment


I was vacuuming... straightening up a bit this morning, and the kids were playing (and still in pj's). As I started vacuuming down the hall, I noticed the small light was on in their bedroom, and I wondered about that and figured I'd turn it off when I got done. When I poked my head around their door, this is what I saw... both in bed, the oldest reading Hungry Caterpillar (one the little one loves still) to his brother... and reading it what we call the "silly way" (which is something "I" do often these days with books we've read hundreds of times... and something I used to do with songs...).

Such a surprising moment. And so sweet.


That is sweet!!

Usually I don't know the children books you are talking about, but this one even I know from kindergarten nearly 30 years ago... :-)

a fantastic mom moment.
Thanks for sharing,

Don't you love that? My big one has "read" the Leslie Patricelli board books to his little brother. Always makes me smile.

Those are the moments to realize that you have done something right. Well done!

how wonderfully sweet!

sometimes when they are quiet, it's a good thing. This gives me hope.


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