A Painterly Sky



Not a holiday shot, I know! But a shot of "light," yes... and such beautiful light from this morning.

So, I'm in a holding pattern a bit... I can't finish my "labels" until the new scanner arrives (finally, gave in). So, even if I'd written my holiday cards, I couldn't send them yet! And, I did order special pcards to mail (thanks to Kritty for continuing to push me on that), but they are not here yet either (okay, I was very slow in doing it). So, I can't send those out yet. I have a few things to wrap up and send to a few people. But... again... I need those labels. So... a holding pattern!

But, EP 77 of the Creative Mom Podcast did go live last night.


STUNNING, Amy!! Oh, those are so, SO beautiful!

I am wondering what kind of scanner you got? I have thought on and off about getting one myself and just wonder which one you chose.

beautiful photos... and I can't wait to listen to the episode... perhaps when I'm sewing tonight? :)


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