EP 76 and Things...




So... things still appearing here... and the "birds nests" craze continues... I'm so enamored with these, I can't help it. And... the things I sew... means there are constantly little nests piling up all over my table. [I spent time working out how to make small envelopes for them over the weekend. Tedious. But... now I've got sets!]

Episode 76 of the Creative Mom Podcast: The Spirit of Things went live today. (It may be that there is only one more before Christmas!) Be sure and check the show notes for links to some of the people/artists/items I talked about (like the paper cranes ornaments)!

And now... a few things on my radar and still open in tabs of my Firefox browser...


That was fun checking out those links. Kwoozy and others are now on my radar. Good stuff.

76 ~ is awesome! and I love this post, with all the links, thank you. I think I might actually try the small pin cushion for a gift...(oooo, me...working with cloth...really!)

Love the cards... such a lovely punch of color... and what a nice set... and the bag... lovely as usual! Thanks for all the wonderful links! I listened to the show this morning and will finish this afternoon. LOVED the holiday intro!


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