Good creative vibes.

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Hallelujah for a productive Saturday morning! Really. First, a bit of work on ATCs for December, which have been in process for a while but are slowly getting there. As you can see, I'm squished in between lots of other things on a table here... the paints are actually sitting on top of my computer. But, it works for me. I was thinking this morning that working in cramped quarters and in the midst of (physical) chaos is so much a part of the process for me that I don't know that I could focus if I had a totally empty space just for art! Now "that" is one of those moments of perspective, for sure, and a nice rejection of "the grass is always greener," somehow. This may be a mess. But, I'm productive in the middle of it... and happy watching these take shape.

And then, I moved into the office to work on the labels, which I started late last night but was too tired to finish. And... I must say, it was with excitement that I saw the first sheet come through the printer.

A good and rewarding morning, creatively speaking.

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Amy-- I love the progress photos, makes me wish that i had such a beautiful mess- and the labels? BRILLIANT! And the fact that it is now a traditional part of your holiday? AWESOME!!!!!

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