A Year of...



It's been a while since I've been here, I guess. I'm surprised to see I haven't posted in the new year. I've been busy with a number of things, and the show has remained on track... but no blogging. And so, today, photos I've talked about already (in EP 81), but photos that mark a year of possibility and a year of commitment to my own journey... to the continuation of it... and to ongoing exploration. And, as you can see, the work in progress right now is the first step... ATCs for January.

One "blank" at a time.



Did you pick a word for 2008 yet? I'm trying to come up with one, you talking about it last new year inspired me then to pick one for 2007, it was very fitting.

Happy New Year Amy!

happy new year
have missed yr words

Lovely photos, and LOVE the ATCs for January... birds... how could I have guessed?! :)


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