Got Birdhouses?


Well... I'm off on this "birdhouse" tangent... you've likely heard about it. I thought it might just be two weeks... rounding out April... but I'm still there. And yet... I keep searching for great birdhouse photos... I mean great ones... interesting... not cute birdhouses... but realistic ones... natural ones... ones with good texture or unusual lines but still good for birds...

I don't have a birdhouse. I don't know that there's ever been one in any yard of any house I've lived in...

But... do YOU have one? I'd love to see photos... provided you realize that I might sketch from them if you post them. If you've got great birdhouses in your yard or near you, take a photo, put it at Flickr, and let me know. I'd love to see!


you got it!!! we have 2. love your new stuff!!

LOVE the birdhouses! :) Seems like such a natural progression after the birds have been on the brain for so long :)

Here you go:

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