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As I get ready to sort of say "goodbye" to a bunch of things I've worked hard (and lovingly) on over the last few months, I have been trying to pull together a gallery of sorts for Here2There. You know me, I love a grid, and so there was something quite rewarding about seeing this group photo come to life (courtesy, of course, of the folks at Big Huge Labs). I like seeing how everything hangs together in terms of line and aesthetic and overall feel. Whether I work with earth tones or brights or blacks and whites... there is something "me" in these pieces. Patchwork is patchwork, it's true. It's been around forever. But, I value the art of it... and I know personal voice differs from artist to artist no matter what medium you work in. I look at these... and I see me. I know they each bear my mark... my look and feel... my spin on color and line. And that... makes me happy.

By the way, thank you to Ann-D and Eva for letting me know there was an issue with leaving comments over at Here2There. Hopefully it's all set now... and we'll hear from you! I was starting to take the silence personally - and it was all my own fault!

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I love these. I love the color and individuality of each one.


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