A Song


It's been many months, I think, since I've shown ATCs in progress. This feels like a good turn of events... that they are on the counter and being worked on this way. The theme for the Creative Mom Podcast ATC Exchange for October is "A Song." I hadn't decided what direction I was taking, and then I heard a song on a current favorite CD in the car last week... and it all unfolded in my head what I wanted. And... well... they're in progress.

Oddly enough, another song was playing on another favorite CD in the stereo at home while I worked yesterday morning... and when I heard it, I couldn't help but look over at this set of ATCs. It was another song that would have worked. Two songs, both of which would have led me to this painting, something at once sweet and whimsical and a bit sad and very symbolic... and something that always reminds me fondly of a childhood forgotten.

I'll share the two songs when I show the final cards. (Words from the song will appear on the cards.)

Got a guess?


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