We're Setting Up...


I've got a small list of custom photo pillows I'm working on these days, in and around other things (like schools and job). The above is a snippet from a pillow I finished over the weekend. I think it may be my favorite yet. It's a first in a few ways, too. But, all in all, it follows the same approach I take to my patchwork pillows - a look that really is my own. This one, I love, and I love, love, love the black and white dots. For more about this pillow, see the Here2There blog.

But, the reason I'm really popping in today, other than showing off the tones of that pillow... which just make me crazy happy... is to let all of you know that we're doing a few shows in November and December... the first one is next weekend. What that means is that we'll be taking most things out of the Etsy shop...

We'll be working to replenish things there, but I wanted to let all of you know that stuff's gonna suddenly be moving around... and disappearing from the Here2There Etsy shop (as well as the OAmyOAmy shop).

Wish us luck!

(And, hey... we're feeling lonely on the other blog. Come on... be the first to leave us a comment over there.)


Hi Amy,
I tried commenting on the Here2There Blog, but I can't do this without signing up for a new membership. So all I wanted to say is that I especially love your Studio Stills, keep them up even when it's frightening to you... ;-) Good luck for the upcoming shows - I wish I could be there, meet you and see your art work in person.

BTW, the pillow is awesome!

What a lovely pillow indeed!!!

Say, I tried commenting over on your here2there blog, but it requires you to log in and when I then tried to log in with my Livejournal account (which is one of the options), it gives me an error. Perhaps that's the reason no one has been commenting over there?


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