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December 4, 2008


My creation

It's true, the days until the holidays are slipping away more quickly than I can keep track of. My lists are too long. I'm up early and to bed late. And my knitting projects... seem to keep leaping up and biting me. Really... when you take out 16 rows of section 7 of a Charlotte... you know you're in trouble... and you can't help but weep (at least a bit)... and you realize that lifelines are smart (and you wish you'd run one way back when). It's humbling. Some projects... are on track. But some things just won't happen, and gradually I'm seeing that.

And, this year as I've pondered this and that for holiday giving, I've found myself looking more and more at the work of independent artisans and craftspersons. I want to support other artists .... like me.

I've found sooooo many things at Etsy I love. Daily I find something new... it's true. And, I don't tend to give pottery... but really, I keep running into fabulous pottery... pottery that makes me oooh and aaah because it's sweet or stunning or happy or sentimental or bold or some combination of all of that. There are several sellers at Etsy that I keep returning to...

But, I do have orders in for "Doodle Mugs" by the Camano Island Pottery. You can see two examples of these above. I love the clean graphic look of them. They're crisp... but the small colored dots... such a whimsical touch even in the middle of what's really an architectural feel. Given how many of you love black and white, line art, and things that are bound and framed and gridded and full of pattern and dense visual texture... I wanted to point them out to all of you. I'm showing a few other samples of his work here, too. I have several pieces from the CIP, and they are beautiful. I don't have anything like the Doodle Mugs though... so I'm looking forward to seeing those in person... and giving them.

(Doodle mugs are $40 each. If you're interested, you might have to custom order... and quick! 'Tis the season.)

December 9, 2008

Tis the Season


(Note - if you read the Here2There blog... this is mostly the same post... but there's a bit more here...)

Sometimes... I find that the gifts I decide to make are gifts I want to give because they're important to me... or sentimental... or symbolic... and not necessarily because I think they are the gifts someone "wants" to receive. It's a strange thing, I guess. In this case, I hope it will be loved and treasured... even as it comes along with regular store-bought gifts. I do sometimes wish that my family all shared the same sensibilities about this kind of thing... that a hand-made piece of art would be "perfect" and not "only perfect as an add-on"... But, at this point in my life, I know the realities, and so I bought what was wanted and made... what I wanted. How come it feels and sounds a bit selfish of me?

The pillow is for a family member, and it was a special project to work on. I know the recipient loves animal print... and always has. And I know that their household colors involve lots of deep and dark browns. And so I went through my stash of pieces, large and small, and pulled out the this's and that's... only a few of them "technically" animal print, and wove something together in terms of color and tone that I love.

I did have to go out and buy the home dec fabric for the top and bottom (and back), and I had hopes for a perfect print... but I couldn't find one. (That trip to the fabric store was one that was carried out to the tune of a four year old in the cart singing, "Pee... pee... pee... I have to pee... " as I tried to quickly find what I needed.) This plaid, however, did seem perfect - really perfect for them and for the pillow. The other fabric I considered is one I already had in my stash, a vibrant orange print with varying shades and a random leaf pattern... very "safari" in feel somehow. It would have worked, but I'm so happy with how this plaid turned out. The whole piece is still vibrant and rich and fun... but very sophisticated at the same time. I hope he loves it.

And, it was satisfying for me... to make it... and to give it.


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