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March 5, 2009

Me... in a nutshell... Or, Still Life of Me


This was my response to a recent Creative Therapy catalyst asking what you turn to when you're in a bad mood. Reaching "this" as my response was a surprisingly introspective process. I tend to bounce in an out of moods, and I spend more than my fair share of time, I'm sure, at the bottom of that curve. But, creating pieces like this one... the reward for all of it.

There are many technical issues here... I have a lot to learn and refine, but I pushed myself in many ways with this drawing. In the end... it is a summary of me in this moment in time in ways that I love. I see and hear myself in both the subject matter and the lines.

Local Starbucks Closed... for now. (Yikes)


It is ironic, really, that after doing this piece for Creative Therapy (catalyst #51.), I drove into the parking lot of the strip where Starbucks is the other day after school, really needing the "treat" of a coffee before the long afternoon... only to find it closed... and a ring of picketers out front. It took me a few minutes to realize the protest had something to do with the construction company, not Starbucks. But, it's closed! And it's still closed! And I'm a city girl... there are Starbucks here and there, everywhere. But... I have "my" Starbucks, and "my" guys who know me when I walk in. Oh no!

Desperately needing a latte, after three days....

March 6, 2009

Red Bird ATCs


These are ATCs created for the Feb 2009 CMP ATC Exchange. The theme was "Red." I talked about the process of making these in Episode 124. The one on the end is unfinished. It is a rough duplicate of the one I mailed out to my official recipient. The first shown here is also being mailed out.

Reading now: Loving Frank: A Novel... a wonderful read.

March 19, 2009

Cozy computer sleeve


I admit, I took forever in settling on the panels. The size of the computer is so small (a 10") that there wasn't a lot of real estate to work with and I wanted each piece to count I made more than one, in fact, and I was torn about which to use. But then I started on the back, and it was clear that the front shown here was the right choice for me and for this project.

Very rarely do I stop and make myself something, but this was something I felt I really needed... and I really wanted a form-fitting piece that I can just drop into my birdhouse tote. I did the panels. Opal then added a bit and quilted the pieces and put it together. The loop and button closure is simple, but perfect for what I need.


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