Creative Therapy #59 - Apologize to Someone


This is my contribution for Creative Therapy #59. (Congratulations to founder Karenika, by the way, on her new baby!)

When I first saw this topic on the list for the group of artists who respond to the weekly Creative Therapy catalysts, I moved right along... "apologize to someone"? Nothing jumped out at me. In fact, I signed up for other catalysts in May. Then the moment with the gumball machine happened... the stuck penny... the shaking... the gumballs all of a sudden raining down around us... our confusion... and then the discovery that the force of the gumballs (gobstoppers, really) from within had broken through the glass.

I still haven't gotten rid of the broken machine. Gramma replaced it with a new plastic one, but there's something so compelling about the broken one.

At any rate, this piece came out of that. It's a tongue-in-cheek moment. Yes, even so, it fulfills my growing need to create art that - to me - matters.

(PS - not surprisingly, the scan is pretty bad and not overly true to color.)

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