Creative Therapy: Pastiche


The new episode of the Creative Mom Podcast is titled "Nudge." (It's forthcoming... recorded late last night and hindered by the heat here in the Bay Area which kept turning the fan on my computer on... which meant I had to wait until it clicked back off each time because it's too noisy.) In Episode 127, you'll hear me talk about "nudges" and about sketch nudges that have been important for me recently.

Catalyst #58 went live today at Creative Therapy, and as I saw the announcement about it, it struck me that Creative Therapy also is a "nudge" for me right now. The art I've done for CT in the last several months has really pushed me and forced me to keep working on pieces that I might otherwise have never done.

This piece... it's for the "Favorite Word" catalyst. I had a very different idea in mind, though the fiber collage was part of it. I was waiting on some prints I'd ordered from Snapfish to arrive because I had something multimedia planned, and while I waited, I decided I'd go ahead and start the fiber component. I thought I would then cut it up and integrate it with the other elements. But once I started playing with the pieces, something very different took shape.

These pieces have had (and continue to have) a profound impact on me.

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