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May 4, 2009

Pattern Help!

Hey all you knitters out there... I spotted something yesterday at the hair salon that I want to track down. I didn't even have my glasses on when the woman who had been getting her hair cut next to me got up to leave and was fidgeting with a long scarf with a hood as she said her goodbyes. I'm pretty blind (it's true), but I was close enough to see it... and ask... "Did you make that?" She said yes, and I said... "Noro?" She seemed surprised, but said, "yes." (Now... really... Noro is "that" distinct... because I could tell without glasses that it must be Noro.)

She didn't seem to want to say much about it. But I asked if it was an online pattern, and she said, no, that she'd purchased it.

Ring any bells for anyone? My impression of it was that it was ribbed through the length of the scarf, but not ribbed (I don't think) through the hood. The hood was like a generous "hoodie" hood, and the ends just extended into a typical maybe 5 or 6 inch wide scarf.

I would buy the pattern if I could figure out what it was - and who carries it online.

May 11, 2009

Past their Prime


Fiber collage response to "Something you put off doing" for Creative Therapy catalyst #61. This piece of art is the center around with the Creative Mom Podcast, Episode 128: Art that Matters spins.

May 19, 2009

Cool Cover Art

I'm working hard (on far too much), but Pandora is a constant backdrop for me, and I keep finding new artists I love... In checking out a song by Kim Richey this morning, I stumbled onto a page to find this cool cover. For some reason the great art really caught my attention this morning ... probably the many layers and levels of it. Fits my approach to the world! I love the "Chinese Boxes" cover art, too... and so far I love many of the songs I've heard from that one. It's a constant negotiation... buy singles at iTunes or buy albums!

If you've got a great Pandora station, I'd love to know!


So, it's true... I HAVE been trying to get the Threaded Thoughts blog fixed in the MT software so I can redo the layout. But, it hasn't been working. All of my blogs are run from the same interface, but for some reason, I can't get the Threaded Thoughts styles updated. But, I was checking the cover art post I made just now and saw (to my shock) that my "real" site design is now gone... and lots of stuff here that I wouldn't normally have here. Oh my!

Bear with me.

It's not on my list today. Sigh.

May 21, 2009


Respite: The mockingbird there on the same wire this morning, a little one asking to draw in the car, and then wonderful lines about Camellias in The Elegance of the Hedgehog.

And today... after tracking down a YouTube clip of the CSI theme song (by The Who) for a Science Buddies blog entry, I poked around a bit. I don't get the setting of this video... but just close your eyes and listen.

May 23, 2009

CMP ATC's April


ATCs for the April exchange: Bursting. In keeping with the "Art that Matters (to Me)" (theme of EP 128), these ended up with a bird spin. A journey back into some watercolor though... which was reward in and of itself.

May 24, 2009

Women in Art

I stumbled over this YouTube video tonight. It's kind of nifty! Do you know all the works represented here? Lol. Just watch, and enjoy. It's mesmerizing.

May 27, 2009

Snails and Crocs and Making Moments

from Facebook ~ Moments: Two tiny snails picked up on the way to the car and put in a lid to take to school. The lid stowed in the floor. Bird out the window in a tree. Bird out the window on porch steps. Snails in floor on a lid. Snails forgotten in excitement over bird. The relative size of a 5-year olds Croc to a baby snail? Squoosh. Mom's relative comfort level with picking up squoosh out of the floor of the car?

It was a bit gross. And they were in the floor because he is maybe the most fearless of all of us, but he has a bit of an aversion to the "slime" snails leave when they (ahem) yeah... that, in your hand. So, they were on the lid.

Fittingly, the new episode of the Creative Mom Podcast is entitled "Making Moments" (EP 129). It's live as of today.


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