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December 9, 2009

Art on a Theme


I realized today that I haven't been good about posting the Creative Therapy pieces here. As one of the artists there, I create two pieces a month... which may not sound like a lot, but has kept me really busy producing art that I care about (beyond the fiber that is a constant). Matthew and I read in a book one day a few months back that professional graphic novelists produce a finished page a day. That's pretty amazing... but think about what you could do if you spent 6-8 hours a day on your art -- and it wasn't stolen time!

This piece was for Catalyst #88. I worked on it during a hard week, but the shimmer of the piece was there for me. In working on a holiday gift for my mother this week, I cropped out one of the Fairy Wrens and transferred it to fabric. The birds have been surprisingly few and far between lately. But these have much to say.

As a reminder, I keep Facebook updated with CMP announcements - and I always announce new Creative Therapy pieces there as well. (I've got another posting this Sunday... one which brought the birds full-circle for me after a long year.)

December 12, 2009

Bummed About Color

There is no way around it. I'm seriously bummed. I have worked for weeks. And weeks. And weeks. I've worked since back in the summer on a project as a holiday gift. I bought yarn on our vacation to Oregon during the stop at Webster's on the way North. I bought yarn for me and for this gift. I started mine first to try the pattern. Shortly after, I started the gift. In the hanks, I loved the yarn. It seemed right for the recipient and different enough from gifts given in year's past. When I rolled the yarn, it was beautiful. I knitted and knitted and knitted. The pattern turned out to be at least five times longer than I anticipated it might be, and a month ago, I sat down and figure out how many rows I had left to do and how many rows that meant I had to knit each day to get it done in time. I sat up late at night after full days at work and full days of parenting and fully evenings of sewing for Here2There. I watched it grow and grow and grow.

And I finished.

But the color leaves me cold. You know how important color is to me. It seems I've worked on a number of "not me"-color projects recently. I thought I had hit a slump in a major project because the color scheme was so polar to my comfort zone and passion. This knit project, I thought was somewhere in the range of my color sensibility, but somehow the way the variegation played out... I'm just really disappointed. It's dark. It's heavy.

And it's an important gift... that I now feel really ambivalent about. Oh no! I keep drafting a note in my head about the color, but I don't want to sway the recipient's reaction to it.

But every time I look over and see it there on the chair, waiting a blocking which will, no doubt, challenge the realities of my limited space, I feel a wash of "bummer."

December 13, 2009

Tumbling Into Something

I've got a new piece up for Catalyst 92 at the Creative Therapy site. I seem to have gotten a bit long-winded there... something I tend not to do in my accompanying text. (But on the screen, I see it happened.) The piece... visually... is one that speaks on its own. I hope you take a look -- and enjoy all the other artist contributions. (I see as a group we are approaching a wide range of ages!)


(For those of you that listen to the CMP, the creation of this piece, and the conversation it sparked within me, comes up in Episode 141.)


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