Art on a Theme


I realized today that I haven't been good about posting the Creative Therapy pieces here. As one of the artists there, I create two pieces a month... which may not sound like a lot, but has kept me really busy producing art that I care about (beyond the fiber that is a constant). Matthew and I read in a book one day a few months back that professional graphic novelists produce a finished page a day. That's pretty amazing... but think about what you could do if you spent 6-8 hours a day on your art -- and it wasn't stolen time!

This piece was for Catalyst #88. I worked on it during a hard week, but the shimmer of the piece was there for me. In working on a holiday gift for my mother this week, I cropped out one of the Fairy Wrens and transferred it to fabric. The birds have been surprisingly few and far between lately. But these have much to say.

As a reminder, I keep Facebook updated with CMP announcements - and I always announce new Creative Therapy pieces there as well. (I've got another posting this Sunday... one which brought the birds full-circle for me after a long year.)

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