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March 10, 2010

A Fresh Spin on A's Triangles


As I contemplated the catalyst for Creative Therapy #104, I saw this one in my head. I sketched it out in my small Hand*Book. I jotted down the words that summed up what I envisioned. I thought I would make something that I could actually hang up and display at home somewhere in my space (the makeshift area where I work creatively -- as opposed to the office where I work the rest of the time). I imagined something small. And then I spent a lot of time, in my head, thinking about the colors. There is one scheme which would really fit my living space, a color scheme that has persisted over a number of years. And then there is a color scheme close to my heart. What did I want to make? What did I want to hang up? Could something really fit in that sliver of wall beneath the light switch... where I would see if from the spot I so often sit for the final hours of night before I give in and call it a day?

The color issue plagued me for a while. It was an issue, I know, of decor versus passion and heart. In the end, the latter won, but with some modification so that there is some compromise (trace) between the two palettes. It was the right decision, and as I worked on these triangles, I was enamoured with the richness of the colors, of the lines and shapes. I loved the very thin concentric rings. I loved the way the pieces great. And my foray into formal flying geese was a story in and of itself.

I didn't rush this piece. I started well in advance. I worked on it now and again in between other projects. And I waited almost until the last minute to put the final pieces together into a whole.

The piece is much too large for the space I planned. But as it grew, I knew that there is a life for this piece beyond the CT prompt. I don't know yet if it will become the center of something larger or not, but that is my thought. All of a sudden this year, I'm working on several "for me" projects, many of which span the year or part of the year. And while I feel guilty about that, I know that this piece, too, may very well be the center of a stunning quilt someday.

I see it.

I love it.

These are the colors.

Please visit Creative Therapy to see my words on this piece and how it ties in to the prompt, "Advice for Couples."

Note: This piece is based on our newest Here2There quilting pattern, "A's Triangles."

March 17, 2010

Childhood Tea


I've got art live at Creative Therapy this week for Catalyst 105. Maybe it looks like I'm in a rut, but a quilt is not just a quilt is not just a quilt. This one was a challenge in many ways, and I've never seen this quilt in person so it was hard at times to figure out what was going on with the pattern I could see in the photo!


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