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April 2, 2010


My social media streams make me constantly hungry these days. Just yesterday, there was a wonderful pea soup, a cool pea-based appetizer, and a "buffalo"-style dip. As I go into these next few months, being insatiably hungry is SOOOOOO not what I need to be! While I definitely give in to some things, some of these things just look and sound good - a bit of book eye candy - in theory.

I am entertained, however, by the fact that both Whoopie Pies and Macaroons have yielded new books of their own from Chronicle Books. I think it says something about where we are in these days, what comfort we crave and look back on... maybe.

April 6, 2010

Flying Geese


At the end of the day, it seemed all I'd sewn was a stack of flying geese. Symbolic? Maybe.

Episode 148 is live.

April 9, 2010



Pen and ink in response to Creative Therapy Catalyst #108. I tried several times, and the scan was bad each time. Frustrating!

This is one that didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped, though it's stronger, and the values are easier to read and distinguish between, in person. This is from a series of photos I had a friend take, all of which are important for me in capturing these days in this year in this life.

April 21, 2010

New Tracks

Looking forward to these coming out next week!

Characterizing a Childhood

I've got another bit of pen and ink up this week at Creative Therapy 110. Less formal than recent pieces... but it's out there.


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