Life's Procrastination: Colored Pencil


Unless you know me very well, and very few do, I keep a lot (or most) sort of buried. But this morning I've taken a coffee break from work and browsed my way around Amazon, starting at what point? I can't even remember what led me down the colored pencil path; I didn't start there or with that intent. But there is medical stuff (again) going on in my house today. Most of my days are somehow touched in this way, but not all of them involve moments that are clearly life-changing. So, I browse... and I see all of this:

Don't forget - other than with fabric, where I'm completely at the other end of the color spectrum, I work mostly/mainly/almost always in black and white.

Do I wish I could buy all of these books? Not really. Probably only one of them would be "the" book. But I wish I could thumb through them all! And I'm inspired just to see all the covers.

And maybe I wish for the time to become the person who could have these books and use them.

Do I wish I could turn back time? Pretty often.

(On other color fronts, I'm looking at pastel pencils to inspire my once-a-week pastels artist to do more pastels at home. I thought the 'pencil' variety might interest him.)


Hey Amy! I have three of these :) and I am always looking for more. For me, "the" book was Colored Pencil Step by Step by Pat Averill... in my beginning stages. Once I caught on to the techniques, my favorite has been Colored Pencil Painting Bible by Alyona Nickelsen. She has an interesting art/life journey story too, by the way.

Anyway, I like the very-realistic-almost-photographic look, and these books both show how to achieve that look very step-by-step.

Also, I have to recommend ... I mean, everyone could use more colored pencils, right?

I can't help you on the pastels though... Of course, I am passionate for any and all forms of artistic expression but after a few of my daughter's stray pastels ruined a couple of key, expensive items in our home, the pastels are in lock-up until she turns 18!

Take care out there!


Hi. I saw this post & thought too of I've never seen much about how they are to actually work with though. (I'm a Berol Prismacolor/Derwent/Lyra-Super Ferby girl). And on occasion I use a set of Staedtler watercolor pencils that are a joy. Maybe your pastel-er might like watercolor pencils? Best!

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