Dec 1


It's not a great photo. But it is December 1. And as the night draws to a close, I post it to mark the first of this month. I grabbed my camera as I left the house to drop one off at school this morning, and as we parked, I saw these roses our my window alongside a house. They were tucked in and buried behind and through some taller-growing stalks, but in the morning light, they were soft--and unexpected. I could tell the story of trying to get other photos today at the top of Twin Peaks. That story involves a little one hanging off of a sky blue telescope, the wonderful turquoise blue strip of sky in between bands of clouds, a yellow and orange lollipop, a navy blue down vest, and a lot of personality. But I'm tired tonight. And those photos all look cautionary... "Don't do this with a lollipop in your mouth."

Instead, we'll leave December 1 with an image of softness and hope.

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