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January 7, 2011



I was sick... and am still sick. But I did what I could in the final weeks of the year, even though I feel keenly the loss of the days, of the time, of the routines... I'm fighting all of that, even though I can't change what happened. Despite all of it, there was a level of 'joy' in him in those weeks... something you could see radiating from him. Something you could almost feel. I love this photo. (Hat by Gramma.)

January 12, 2011



I fear I may never get well! But, I have a deadline coming up, and deadlines are good things, especially in January when I tend to battle the doldrums (even when I'm not feeling under the weather!). So, I'm working... and I love it.

January 13, 2011

A Single Bowl

Jan 12 - Bowl

I have come to think of spaghetti squash as possibly a most perfect food. But I have also come to realize that most of my meals can be layered into the bowl... warmed and melded... and wonderful. Trust me, I get plenty of spinach this way!

January 15, 2011

Reminder to Self.


Sometimes what surrounds us—even what hangs unfinished and "to do"—is a reminder of promise and potential, of hope and grace.

Cooperative Play

Forbidden Island

I have to say, we're loving Forbidden Island. We always introduce new "family games" at Christmas, and I considered lots and lots of games when I was doing my pre-holiday surfing and shopping. We love games. We really do. But it's a bit tricky to find the perfect game for us because we've got some pretty intense competition issues that really get in the way of "just a game."

When I stumbled over Forbidden Island and read about it being a "cooperative game," I was intrigued. I've never played a game like this before. I'd never even heard of a game like this before! If we had ended up at our local game store pre-Holiday, I'm sure I could have gotten some input (or even a chance to demo the game) from the helpful staff there (a cool store!). But December schedules squelched the boys' pseudo-weekly Magic the Gathering meetings in December, and so I was on my own when it came to deciding... Forbidden Island or not.

I'm so glad I decided to check it out. I love it. I think Gramma really enjoyed it. The almost-10 loves it. And the almost-7 is really good at it.

The art on the cards, I think, is beautiful. I just love looking at them. And the premise of the game is pretty simple and straightforward. But, you work together. You either win as a team... or you lose as a team. And we've done both. The next time you play, the game will be different. It's a very interesting concept, and I am on the lookout now for similar types of games that are kid-friendly (I know there is one, for instance, about medical crises that may not quite fit the bill).

I wish there was some way to expand or extend Forbidden Island, but for now, we're happy with what it is. And, we've gotten off the island several times in a row now!

January 16, 2011

A Year in Review


I think I almost have enough oxygen again to record the CMP. Almost. I'm hoping by later this coming week, I'll be able to do it and get 2011 started in terms of the Creative Mom Podcast. I sat last night and took some notes for the next show, thinking through some of what happened in the past few weeks and the ways in which quilts form the anchor points for those weeks in some ways.

The above quilt was a collaborative project, one of two created over the span of a year. A day or so into the new year, I pulled out all my finished pieces from 2010 and put them on the design wall. It awaits a bit of love and care on my part to complete the top. It was a wonderful year-long project and contains many, many stories in the elements created and choices made.


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