We rounded out Spring Break with a trip to Stowe Lake and a pedal boat ride. That the Blue Herons were in the top of their tree was wonderful and inspiring, as always in April. The kids marveled over some very large fish swimming near the surface, and we saw a new-to-us turtle, one that looks remarkably like a "pancake." That the "steering" of the boat included about four thousand, "go right" or "go left" moments followed by a spell of... "I'm going to go whichever way that seagull goes... we're just going to follow that gull" was nerve-wracking. But in the end, we didn't crash into either shore, another boat, or the stone underpass. And no one fell in.



When I first saw the thumbnail of the top "foot" photo, I thought, "oh, no... it looks like toilet paper hanging there." But when I looked at the two photos again, I realized that the top one captures the reality of the "end of the trip"... the moment of just sitting there on the bench, absorbed in a treat from the boathouse. I like both images, but it's interesting how moving the frame up just a bit... changes the story and hides the reality.

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