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May 25, 2011

Rube-Like Zen

Funny how these domino-style demonstrations (this one isn't "really" a Rube Goldberg-type machine) always captivate... This one is an ad (at the very end), but it's pretty cool to watch and an amazing exercise in patience... think about how long it took to set this up and get it to work! Plus... I love the 'natural' element and feeling evoked here.

By the way... EP 163 takes place in the woods (sort of) as well. An off-the-beaten-track show, much-delayed (I had company), and with a blooper in it (oh no!) that I didn't hear until today. But, with 163 live, I move on.

May 26, 2011

Wall of Light


We didn't run into this wall of light until the end of a very long day at Maker Faire. But as we stumbled away from the "Battleship" arena back to the main exhibition hall, hot and tired and hungry but determined to make one last effort at finding a section of the Faire we had missed, we went "through" a mostly-dark building. There were a number of amazing light displays. I'd love to have a wall of light like this!

(In fact, one of the first techno projects we stopped to look at was a small cube made of lights. It was a kit, but you had to solder it together. And then you needed to buy the circuit board separately. And then you needed to be able to program it. Okay... "kit" was a bit of a misnomer. But it was one of the things we wanted to have of our own!)



I have developed a "bowl" mentality to food. If the meal can be layered into a bowl... it may well be perfect. Having a wonderful bowl (like this one from Camano Island Pottery) has something to do with it. And fruit from a farmer's market and thoughtfully passed along from a friend, adds its own sweetness. Last night: sauteed asparagus, potatoes, goat cheese, and a bowl. Wonderful.


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