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Itís that time of year where I start really getting yarn lust. Iíve got tons of stash in the basement (not all that I ďloveĒ at this point, but itís there, so since I'm not working now, I do try and think about what I could do with my stash verus what I'd like to buy) and a number of bags of yarn upstairs that Iíve bought in the last two years. So I donít need yarn at all, but I find myself out looking and imagining and dreaming and wanting, even though the reality is that I canít find enough time to knit right now to keep up with the few projects I have planned. Still, I keep looking. Iím also wanting to start new things even though Iíve got a few things going that I really should finish first.

I used to be a big starter and not much of a finisher. I think blogging has helped turn me into a finisher, and Iím glad, but I recognize the taste in my mouth these days. Itís the ďI want to start something newĒ restlessness. Unwilling to determine exactly what Iím going to do in terms of lace ďnext,Ē (although I do admit to spending time on the Fiddlesticks site looking at their silk, and I do have more Cherry Tree Hill for a shawl from Lavish Lace that I got for Christmas from Mom), I started swatching for the Ribby Cardigan yesterday while monitoring the boys. (Spencer has started pulling out dining room chairs to climb in them, so itís a constant task to keep him either safe in a chair or out of the chairs completely.) I didnít get the swatch finished (pathetic, I know), but I think I may be close to gauge. It feels thinner worked up than I expected, but Iím using the recommended needle size (for both the Knit Picks yarn and the pattern), so Iím hopeful that for once I'll be "spot on." It does feel great worked up. The combination of the silk and alpaca is really nice.

I never realized I was an alpaca person until just recently, and suddenly Iím just in love with Alpaca and in the "seeing blue" fashion (e.g., you suddenly are aware of the color and see it everywhere you look), I feel like I'm constantly running into Alpaca. When I was at the store with Mom last week, I was drawn to Frog Tree Alpaca. It just felt amazing, and the colors were great. I ended up unable to decide what colors I wanted (thinking of a hat - and the greens they had would perfectly match my Ribby Cardi colors, but I also like the corally pink and red they had), so I decided to wait, knowing that I had the Knit Picks yarn to work with right now. Ironically, the next day, I got a mail from WEBS which highlighted the Frog Tree yarn. (By the way, I got the WEBS catalog recently, too, and I was struck at how nicely done it is.)

I've decided the Frog Tree Alpaca might be perfect for the sheep or zebra scarf from the Vogue Scarves 2 book I got M. for Christmas. That's a definite possibility! (Plus, I've got gift certificates and auction certificates at both Noe Knits and Imagiknits. I know Imagiknits has Frog Tree. Am I lucky enough that they have white and black? I didn't notice those last week, but I wasn't thinking animal scarves! Tomorrow is M's birthday. Maybe I can get her to run by there at some point with me. Yarn shopping is definitely more fun with someone. For me, a trip to a yarn store is a must on a birthday, but she's really "out" of the knitting swing these days.)

Has anyone seen the Little Box of Scarves II yet?

And, by the way, I just saw these Fiddlesticks Knit for the Cure scarves. They're wonderful.

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