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Coffee Sleeves


I'm showing off our coffee sleeves in celebration of Earth Day 2009 (the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, in fact --- Earth Day pre-dates me. Really?!?!?!). Read the fully story on the Here2There blog. If you'd like to order one, let us know. Each is unique, hand-made, your favorite colors... even your kid's art is possible.

Whatever you do today, think about ways in which you can make a difference - and a change.

Ziploc bags may only be a few pennies each, but how many do you use in each lunch... multiplied by "x" number of kids.) I am surprisingly "green" in my fiber art. Many of you are familiar with the pieces I make using scraps and piles of thread that would otherwise be thrown away. I love that I can "reuse" so much of what might otherwise be trash.

I hope you, too, find ways to live more "green."


It is ironic, really, that after doing this piece for Creative Therapy (catalyst #51.), I drove into the parking lot of the strip where Starbucks is the other day after school, really needing the "treat" of a coffee before the long afternoon... only to find it closed... and a ring of picketers out front. It took me a few minutes to realize the protest had something to do with the construction company, not Starbucks. But, it's closed! And it's still closed! And I'm a city girl... there are Starbucks here and there, everywhere. But... I have "my" Starbucks, and "my" guys who know me when I walk in. Oh no!

Desperately needing a latte, after three days....

Art for Your Cup

While I was out grabbing appropriate Starbucks links, I spotted this page of downloadable/printable inserts for the Memory Tumbler. I hope if you have one of these that you're designing wonderful works of art to go in them – or having your children design them (even better). But, if you need a backdrop onto which to begin say a visual journal page to line your coffee cup for the month of January, one of these might do the trick and give you an anchor around which to branch out or build up.

Hey, that'd be a cool project for the year… design a new memory cup insert for each month of the year.

(I don't have a memory cup…. Just an idea for those of you that do!)

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