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The rain has been amazing. Days and days (especially nights) of pounding rain, and then spells of bright blue sky that foster a false sense of dryness only to be quickly pushed aside for another downpour. As I noted at Facebook... I don't wear a raincoat, use an umbrella, or own rubber boots. The moral? Wool (sweater coat, gauntlets, and hat) gets really wet!

During a momentary dry lull yesterday afternoon, we were outside after school when a first-grader (not mine) decided to give me worldly advice regarding his sense that my son's interest in video games is unhealthy. The conversation (so odd and so clearly echoing things he has to have heard a parent say) spins in my head today as I think about the unfinished CMP notes on my other computer. I'd hoped to have that show out... earlier this week. And yet it is still fragmented... there are 'windows' in it... and yet they are blurry... my foothold seems like a phantom, lighting up briefly so that I run off in pursuit only to get there and find myself standing, looking, uncertain, and just a bit confused by what I ran after.

The photo is a phone photo. It's proof that there's something happening... something unexpected, maybe.... but something to which I'm both holding and moving. There's more than just that, but the idea contained in that photo is one I'm coveting today. Seeing all this rain and chill, and knowing that Spring Break starts today, I would love to curl up in a warm house with happy kids, yet another cup of tea, and read and make art and eat fun food. Somehow I don't think it will be that easy or peaceful or smooth!

The photo was snapped just now at my desk. I wasn't really sketching or drawing amid all the clutter! No... I was doing that last night nearing midnight and not at a desk! But there's something ironic about seeing it plopped down on top of the chaos of papers, budget concerns, the coming tax deadline, work notes, and so on.

Tumbling Into Something

I've got a new piece up for Catalyst 92 at the Creative Therapy site. I seem to have gotten a bit long-winded there... something I tend not to do in my accompanying text. (But on the screen, I see it happened.) The piece... visually... is one that speaks on its own. I hope you take a look -- and enjoy all the other artist contributions. (I see as a group we are approaching a wide range of ages!)

(For those of you that listen to the CMP, the creation of this piece, and the conversation it sparked within me, comes up in Episode 141.)

Art on a Theme


I realized today that I haven't been good about posting the Creative Therapy pieces here. As one of the artists there, I create two pieces a month... which may not sound like a lot, but has kept me really busy producing art that I care about (beyond the fiber that is a constant). Matthew and I read in a book one day a few months back that professional graphic novelists produce a finished page a day. That's pretty amazing... but think about what you could do if you spent 6-8 hours a day on your art -- and it wasn't stolen time!

This piece was for Catalyst #88. I worked on it during a hard week, but the shimmer of the piece was there for me. In working on a holiday gift for my mother this week, I cropped out one of the Fairy Wrens and transferred it to fabric. The birds have been surprisingly few and far between lately. But these have much to say.

As a reminder, I keep Facebook updated with CMP announcements - and I always announce new Creative Therapy pieces there as well. (I've got another posting this Sunday... one which brought the birds full-circle for me after a long year.)

Creative Therapy - The "Aha" Moment


I've got art this week at Creative Therapy for #89... graphic novel again in style... but a lighter note than some of the more philosophical and "life" pieces that I think I've worked on in recent months.

The challenge this week could have been "heavy," but I took a different approach. "Struggles" come in all shapes and sizes.

The guest artist's photography this week is wonderful, by the way. I hope you check it out!

Graphic Novel Panels at Creative Therapy

I'm mostly at Facebook these days... and not enough time to figure out how to tie everything together in the "best" way. Some of you are following the Creative Mom Podcast there - and Here2There there as well. I've got new work posted this week at Creative Therapy for Catalyst 88. Hope you take a look!

Mama's Gift

Creative Therapy #84 went live today. I've got a graphic novel set up on a topic that I covered in the podcast earlier this year. Turning to the same topic in pen and ink was a wonderful experience.

A Day to Do Over



For Creative Therapy catalyst 71: You can read my write-up on it there.

I'll pair this up today with this song I heard (and mentioned at Facebook) yesterday: Simple Life by the Weepies.

Telling a Story




The above shots are process shots from the final days of my ATCs for the October exchange and then a shot of the finished ATC (of which I made three identical ones). My process varied a bit this month.... ultimately in response to my thoughts on the theme itself and my desire to give my recipient the whole story rather than a segment of the story.

In the end, I've come (over the last day or so) to realize that, for me, this ATC bears an unwritten subtitle: "Life Happens."

As I wrote to my recipient today in preparing to mail off the card, "Life Happens" - and yet in the process, something beautiful is created.

But, I know you all well... so...

Don't worry - I don't think the turtle has no free will.
Don't worry - I don't think the turtle really just sat around waiting.

And still... "Life Happens" - and when it does, look!

Black and White

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We read the one these pages are from weeks ago... and I've held onto it because it made such an impression on me. Finally, I'm getting around to posting the image... and it's fitting somehow for me... right now.

Graphics Novels... in a Stack

A recent stack... a lot here... but for today... Mom's Cancer... This is one SunnyNole suggested I look at after hearing me talk about graphic novels on the podcast. She also referred me to The Squirrel Mother (also in this stack). Both are very powerful. Both have given me a lot to think about. I read Mom's Cancer last week. It's powerful and riveting... and so honest... the raw and unflinching and painful honesty of it all is staggering.

You'll notice in this same stack two that I talked about last week... The Hello, Goodbye Window and Stick Kid.

(I'm not going to talk about the graphic novel stuff I posted last week until next week, I think, by the way. I will say that I deliberately didn't use a ruler... I was going for something more raw and less precise... and I regret that now. I see those images on this page... and I see their crookedness... and I am not charmed... it is not endearing... I want to pull them all down!)

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There's so MUCH more to this, really. If I was more facile, there would be so much for to the story of this woman talking to me and to the young guy at the coffee shop (and his proud parents that stopped in to see him while he was making my coffee). But, you get what you get. And... in terms of the coffee... I got what I got!

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(Thanks to Kritty for persisting about not being able to see the larger ones at Flickr. I think I've fixed that now. It only matters because they're hard to read otherwise!)

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(Again, scroll down to #1 to start at the beginning. "Friends/Family" at Flickr can click through to see the larger versions - so you can actually read them.)

(Jessica mentioned the flashes of color in a note/comment... in theory, I need to color them in fully... not just a few flashes... I just didn't... this time... I think I need tools [pencils or markers, though I'm leaning towards pencils], and I need to not work on this kind of paper... It's okay though. There's so much left "out" of these... it really is all a learning experience.)

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(Hmmm... uploading day by day... will put them in reverse order... so, if you're just tuning in... scroll down to number 1.)

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