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The End of an Eros

So, I finally pulled my first Eros scarf out from under the coffee table and spent a few hours finishing it up. It's a bit too long. I thought I was supposed to just keep knitting until I was almost out of yarn, and it just kept gettting longer and longer and longer. It's okay, however. It gives me the option to wrap it around the neck an extra time, or be more coy and leave it longer.

eros scarf

I actually don't think I've ever worn a scarf that's not a typical winter scarf, so this was an unusual project for me. My partner bought the Eros (in bright pink) for me a week or so after the baby arrived when she and my mom when yarn store shopping. It was a nice treat - because I've heard so many people talk about Eros scarves. And I loved making the scarf. I used the pattern off of ChicKnits site. The ruffled edges are wonderful.

Too late, I realized I didn't do the glamour photo that I should have - like I see in other blogs. You know the type, where I don't look at the camera. Instead, you get a good profile, nonchalant, shot. What we have here is the typical send to Grandma shot of mom and son. Tomorrow when, hopefully, I get to photograph a completed Oriole vest, I'll try the more designer-esque kind of shot!

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