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Bummed About Color

There is no way around it. I'm seriously bummed. I have worked for weeks. And weeks. And weeks. I've worked since back in the summer on a project as a holiday gift. I bought yarn on our vacation to Oregon during the stop at Webster's on the way North. I bought yarn for me and for this gift. I started mine first to try the pattern. Shortly after, I started the gift. In the hanks, I loved the yarn. It seemed right for the recipient and different enough from gifts given in year's past. When I rolled the yarn, it was beautiful. I knitted and knitted and knitted. The pattern turned out to be at least five times longer than I anticipated it might be, and a month ago, I sat down and figure out how many rows I had left to do and how many rows that meant I had to knit each day to get it done in time. I sat up late at night after full days at work and full days of parenting and fully evenings of sewing for Here2There. I watched it grow and grow and grow.

And I finished.

But the color leaves me cold. You know how important color is to me. It seems I've worked on a number of "not me"-color projects recently. I thought I had hit a slump in a major project because the color scheme was so polar to my comfort zone and passion. This knit project, I thought was somewhere in the range of my color sensibility, but somehow the way the variegation played out... I'm just really disappointed. It's dark. It's heavy.

And it's an important gift... that I now feel really ambivalent about. Oh no! I keep drafting a note in my head about the color, but I don't want to sway the recipient's reaction to it.

But every time I look over and see it there on the chair, waiting a blocking which will, no doubt, challenge the realities of my limited space, I feel a wash of "bummer."

Pattern Help!

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Hey all you knitters out there... I spotted something yesterday at the hair salon that I want to track down. I didn't even have my glasses on when the woman who had been getting her hair cut next to me got up to leave and was fidgeting with a long scarf with a hood as she said her goodbyes. I'm pretty blind (it's true), but I was close enough to see it... and ask... "Did you make that?" She said yes, and I said... "Noro?" She seemed surprised, but said, "yes." (Now... really... Noro is "that" distinct... because I could tell without glasses that it must be Noro.)

She didn't seem to want to say much about it. But I asked if it was an online pattern, and she said, no, that she'd purchased it.

Ring any bells for anyone? My impression of it was that it was ribbed through the length of the scarf, but not ribbed (I don't think) through the hood. The hood was like a generous "hoodie" hood, and the ends just extended into a typical maybe 5 or 6 inch wide scarf.

I would buy the pattern if I could figure out what it was - and who carries it online.

Beautiful harmony...

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Those of you who are knitters have likely seen the Harmony needles in KnitPicks catalogs in recent months... I'm just here to chime in and let you know... they are beautiful.

My mom came with a set of DPNs on her last visit... and they are stunning. I've now seen, in person, the set of interchangeable circulars... also stunning.

Seriously. These are beautiful.

Boys and Hats


I posted both of these at Flickr last week and got a few questions. Figured it's easier to answer here... So... these are rather impromptu shots of two new hats (both made over the summer). I figured I should get quick picks the first day they were worn... you never know what will happen to knitwear with little boys.

I talked about both of these hats on the CMP this summer. Matthew picked out a coat in Tahoe on Spring Break in April for the coming winter... and so when I saw this Koigu on a trip to Imagiknits with my Mom, I knew it was perfect... even though it's not normally a color I would have considered. (I wouldn't have picked the coat he picked either!)

The turquoise for Spencer's hat is Jitterbug by Collinette. It was my first time using Jitterbug, and I really liked it and loved watching the colors play out in this one, which I started on our vacation in Cannon Beach. The Jitterbug, ultimately, doesn't seem to have quite the stretch of the Koigu... so it didn't work out "exactly" as the Koigu does in this pattern. I was worried it was too short... but already he's tugged it so much... it's okay.

Some of the questions asked:

The pattern: it's mine... it's the Raphael Ropes or Ninja Ropes pattern available here. It's not a quick knit - but it's worth it. I'm going to do another (for me) and maybe slot in a different cable.

This is the second round of this same hat for each boy. (Original hats.)

As for Koigu... in SF... Imagiknits is a good source. I have a bit of a Koigu stash... I tend to pick it up wherever we go (home at the holidays, at Websters in Ashland, OR, etc.), and I've ordered my share over the years. In general... buying Koigu in person is best... you really have to see it in person.

Can you BELIEVE this?


I just got email from Jessica, a listener of The Creative Mom Podcast. She wrote to tell me that she was listening to the radio and heard a DJ reporting on a segment from ABC News about the top 5 worst Christmas gifts to give … and NUMBER 2 was a HANDMADE SWEATER.

Jessica was surprised, and I am, too. After all, the handknit sweaters worn by Harry Potter and Ron Weasely and made by Mrs. Weasely are so cute and many, many, many of those have been made by knitters over the last few years. And I fully intend for my boys to have them, when they're a tad older...we'll say able to read the book on their own, which may indicate they're not growing quite so quickly.

That a homemade sweater is #2 on the list of worst gifts is only so-so funny. And, in jotting down notes about this for this week's episode of the podcast, I was feeling very tongue in cheek about it. After all, honestly, a handknit sweater is a huge investment in time. If you're going to knit for someone… going smaller is easier on you, and if it ends up being underappreciated, you won't feel so bad. Plus, "fit" isn't such a daunting issue when it's a hat, or a scarf, or socks, or a shawl, or mittens.

But then I tracked down the segment at ABC. It's a video segment, and it even includes this line, "The best gifts are often bought – not knit."

That really got me. And, it spurred me out here right now to post... and I wonder how many blogs this news bit ends up on this week.

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