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Wall of Light


We didn't run into this wall of light until the end of a very long day at Maker Faire. But as we stumbled away from the "Battleship" arena back to the main exhibition hall, hot and tired and hungry but determined to make one last effort at finding a section of the Faire we had missed, we went "through" a mostly-dark building. There were a number of amazing light displays. I'd love to have a wall of light like this!

(In fact, one of the first techno projects we stopped to look at was a small cube made of lights. It was a kit, but you had to solder it together. And then you needed to buy the circuit board separately. And then you needed to be able to program it. Okay... "kit" was a bit of a misnomer. But it was one of the things we wanted to have of our own!)



Well, I was going to post to Facebook... my own Facebook stream... but really I'll only see maybe 3 of you that way. That it's easier and more inviting is probably why I am always tempted to update there but rarely find my way here. That I don't have the time to pull photos and post them... is also why I don't post here on the blog. The photo seems requisite. I DID take a photo the other day that goes with a story from the weekend... and I just haven't gotten that far.

Typing... I can do.

And fast.

And thinking... I can do.

And too fast.

But other things? It's harder these days. Everything is harder. And yet, there are so many niggling little things that are just the tip of the sour icing iceberg. They're the things I'll talk about and whine about and rant about... and yet not really the "big" things. Does that make sense?

Anyway, things come in threes... I know. I've had so many sets of threes. But I find myself waiting for the next three in the little bad things that happen. Yesterday, I rushed home from the grocery and started to put things in the downstairs freezer (the fridge we moved down there a decade ago when life was good and more lucrative and we remodeled the kitchen). So I reached in to put frozen things away... only to grab a bag of frozen lasagna and find it ... mushy...

And then I realized... the freezer wasn't really cold... and lots was mushy.

So, there was that. I unloaded everything upstairs and threw out what I could upstairs and moved what I could upstairs and then raced to get us out of the house for a birthday party a half hour away. I stopped to write down directions, and we raced off.

But I couldn't find the road.

I turned around and was getting worried so I called home for help. As I pulled into a driveway to turn around, I realized a motorcycle cop was blocking my way. That's right... I'd picked up the phone to call home for help.

Today... I'm working, of course, and yet my mind is spinning with a zillion things... and I actually think I need to print a calendar to make notes on. But I quickly realize... mid-year is not when you start keeping a calendar! I'll look into a printable solution when I get a break in a bit.

New Tracks

Looking forward to these coming out next week!

Cool Cover Art

I'm working hard (on far too much), but Pandora is a constant backdrop for me, and I keep finding new artists I love... In checking out a song by Kim Richey this morning, I stumbled onto a page to find this cool cover. For some reason the great art really caught my attention this morning ... probably the many layers and levels of it. Fits my approach to the world! I love the "Chinese Boxes" cover art, too... and so far I love many of the songs I've heard from that one. It's a constant negotiation... buy singles at iTunes or buy albums!

If you've got a great Pandora station, I'd love to know!


A = 1 Point

The keyring above was made - just for me - by Kritty of When I made the first set of OAmyOAmy pen pouches available, Kritty suggested a trade... and I so clearly came out way ahead in this deal*. After seeing the keychains she made the blogger at Old School Acres, I was smitten, absolutely smitten, with the keychain idea. Kritty does necklaces - great ones, beautiful ones. But, I have a number of pendants and a few to which I'm very, very attached and which I wear all the time.

So, I really wanted a keychain. And, as I said, I was smitten by the two I saw with the children's names and the small symbols. But... I had no idea what "word" I would suggest she use. I considered a few things. M. suggested their initials - which posed some OBVIOUS problems. (If I write them here, little one's first and then big boy's... I'll end up with a zillion spammers on my site again. So, if you know the names of my kids, you "get" it. Otherwise, just ignore and keep reading.)

Ultimately, I couldn't decide.

So I left it up to Kritty.

My keyring arrived a week or so ago. (I've been slow in getting the photos in place for this post.) And... what a wonderful keyring it is! It's a Scrabble "A" on the one side. The other side says "MIDDLE A." Those of you who have listened to my podcast for a while will recall the show this year on the week of my brother and grandfather's birthdays when I talked about the significance of "the Middle A" for me. So, I was incredibly touched when I turned it over in my hands and saw that.... And then... on the edge... so tiny that I can't fathom how she did it... she's printed: CREATIVE MOM.

It's a work of art. It's a work of meaning. It's smooth and silver and has wonderful weight to it in my hands. It's full of words and symoblism for me both at this point in my life and in the history of my family since I will always be the "Middle A." And I love it.

Do I think you should go and put in an order for a keyring of your own? You bet I do. Do I think you should consider an initial or word keyring or pendant as a holiday gift or a birthday gift or a just because gift for someone else? You bet I do. Do I think you should be buying handmade this year? You bet I do.

Is it too early for such things? Absolutely not. It's August.... and thus begins the fastest few months of the year for many of us. So... start thinking now... what letter or word do YOU need?

[* I didn't mention above that Kritty also sent me a stack of ATC's she'd made with her hand-carved stamps, blank ATCs... in a cute pocket that says "blanks," another pocket of ephemera, and... rulers... since I can never find mine. It was such a great package. If you ever get anything from me in the mail, any of you, you probably won't find all that. I'm usually doing good just to get something in an envelope and to the mailbox. And these days, I have to go to the post office to have things weighed and measured, which only adds to the time it may take for something to actually be mailed. It's true. So, thanks all around, Kritty! Seeing the packets of "makings" Kritty sent, and recalling that Poppins included some makings with a birthday card she sent me makes me think a SMALL ephemera swap would, indeed, be kind of neat sometime. I know many of you have done those.]

Trying to Reach Senora...

Sorry for the broadcast... Senora... I received your audio clip... but I can't reply to you (no email address included) - and I don't seem to be reaching you with the address I have. Can you email me so I can get your new address for the ATC swap? Thanks! (I'll delete this post as soon as I hear from you.)

STR Yarn


I missed my chance to get a shot of this in better light and couldn't find a "great" backdrop for it, but I wanted to show off this yarn and say "thank you" to Marti (of Weebug Knits) for thinking of me with this Peaseblossom colorway. It's incredibly beautiful - and the STR is amazingly soft - I hadn't expected that. When I opened the bag, I was blown away by the feel. I've heard so many good things about STR... and listened to Violet gush over it so many times... I'm so excited to finally have a skein in my hands! Now I just have to figure out "what" pattern to make to highlight these colors.

You are seeing "baby mermaid" here, right? Me, too.

(Except I do have a fondness now for the orange-tailed mermaid, too.)

Spread the Love

I just found out that today is Poppins' birthday! Be sure and drop her some well wishes. Everyone deserves extra spoonfuls of sugar on their birthdays! Happy Birthday Poppins!

In the Mail




In addition to the wonderful mail-art (photo 1) and the awesome "to make" kit inside (photo 2), Rymann sent me two amazing prints of his which he's created as cards that have "to cut" lines on the inside so that you "could" cut along the lines to end up with a postcard... thus resending the art through the mail. It's a fabulous idea. I'm not willing to give my two up. But it's an awesome idea - and the "look" of it on the cards is great.

Here's an extended version of my note from Flickr on the third piece - me showing off the new stamp... (for those of you seeing the image here rather than "at" Flickr)... "I all of a sudden thought about doing this as a way of showcasing this... but it took all day to get time to bring the idea to paper. And, in my head, this was heavier, more graphic, more comic style in feel. I planned on bordering/boxing the individual stamps in black line. I planned, initially, on having the little girl at the bottom, looking up, ready to create "this" piece. I planned on a dialogue box or thought balloons. But I did a quick sketch of a hypothetical stamp pad box and my hand with the eraser... I wanted my right hand... and I tried to do that, sketching with my left... but it didn't go so well. So, I did a quick sketch of the left hand with the eraser... seemed to work. So, I grabbed the piece of scrap matt board I'd pulled out with this in mind and got started. As I got started, the lightness felt right.... (I think the quick sketch of the hand/eraser in my book is a bit cleaner and more proportionate.) I knew from the outset that I was going to use this multi-colored set of stamp pads (originally purchased for the puzzle newsletter I started last year, which never really got off the ground). I probably changed the order of the colors at some point - as they pop in and out easily. But, today, I went with the order in which they appear... one by one (with a private nod of the head to G/W)."

I can't believe I now have the iPod stamp...

Chevron Scarf

chevron scarf
Photo by Soltrcy

This is the first of several "thank you's" to share. The chevron scarf pictured above in the wonderful photo by Soltrcy (don't you love it next to the apples) arrived at my house the other day... knit by Soltrcy. Isn't it beautiful! And, it's incredibly soft. And, it's pink and green. I absolutely love it. Soltrcy referred to it as a "puddle of yum" and suggested I keep it nearby where I can just reach out and touch it... and I think I have to agree.

Tagged for Random 7


(The roses are going. They have been great fun to photograph - a bit of an obsession for whatever reason. Something about their colors just put me in another place and time. These are, I think, the last photos of them, though.)

Okay - I've actually never done a meme before. I've been blogging for several years, but I don't think I've ever been tagged before. But I was tagged the other day by Cynthia of the GracefulJourney blog, and she indicated in her post that I might just be too busy to do it.... So, in a show of good spirit...

I'm supposed to list 7 random things/facts about me and then tag another 7 bloggers to do the same (being sure to leave them a comment to know they've been tagged). Wow, it's amazing how "viral" this all sounds. I see now why memes spread like wildfire through blogland.

So, seven random things... that seems easy... what to choose...

  1. I'm addicted to hoodies. Velour ones are my favorites for the sheer "touch" of it all. Tommy Hilfiger ones are next on my list of most-worn items. A combo TH/velour one... now that would be perfect.
  2. Pink and green is one of my favorite color combos.
  3. My "regular" drink is a Venti Sugar-Free Vanilla Non-fat Latte.
  4. I have a very large collection of cool Birkenstocks, but I started wearing them back when they still looked like Birkenstocks. Today, they're flowery, fun, and cool. I liked them even when they weren't.
  5. I played golf every day for years and years, but I haven't swung a club in over 10 years at this point, which shows how life changes.
  6. My favorite comfort food is homemade macaroni and cheese.
  7. If I could travel anywhere, Scotland would be my first choice.

Now, for the tricky part... tagging seven...

Jessica, Poppins, Lain, Kritty, Vicki, Carla, and Celeste.

(I feel a bit like I do when I get spam in email that asks me to send it on to a dozen people - I never do because I fear they'd hate getting it in their box and/or get mad at me. Hopefully, the bloggers I tag will also take this in good spirit - and with minor ranting!!!)

Those of you who have asked about leaving messages for the Creative Mom Podcast... either for the upcoming anniversary/birthday show or just in general.... I've still not been able to get resolution from Odeo (or to access messages left). So, I'm trying something new. If you have a mic and want to leave audio, you can try the big orange box that now sits on the right-hand column on the CMP site.

Congratulations Knitting Cook

Faith (AKA The Knitting Cook) and family welcome Baby L today. Congratulations to them all. If you're a podcast listener, pop in her site and leave a message.

Bear with me...

... the site is undergoing change as I make a visual shift to mark my renewed return to the blog but my expanded focus... partly knitting, but not just knitting. I'm working on the revised framework, but I also think I may have to move everything to one of my other servers... which scares me a bit but shouldn't be that bad (in theory). So, I'm coming. And, my "goals" for the new year are floating around on a USB stick in the bag I carry around day to day. Hopefully, they'll migrate here this weekend!

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