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Deep Thoughts

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I ran across this line in the "about me" blurb on Alex Soojung-Kim Pang's Relevant History blog:

    "Being an historian and a futurist might seem contradictory, but they're not. Both use the same intellectual instruments, just pointed in different directions."

Clearly I'm going to end up having to consider having more than one blog going. While I chose "threaded thoughts" because it alludes to the kinds of multi-stranded thinking I do, I did really intend this to be a largely knitting-oriented site. Knitting is a passion. But so is technology, mobility, postmodern theory, and on and on and on...

So, I'm trying to decide if I need to segregate... will knitters still come back if not every post involves knits and purls? And will readers from the other avenues stop in (more than once) if many of the posts do involve knits and purls? I'm not sure.

Personally, I like reading multi-layered, multi-textured blogs that may have some central and recurring theme but touch on many other hotspots of thought as well. What matters to me is good voice, good writing, and engaging thought.

But, I'm not sure that's the prevailing attitude. Thoughts?

Spyware Be Gone!

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Having hopscotched my way across a zillion knitting and non-knitting blogs in the past few weeks since finally getting the blogging itch and doing something about it rather than just hydrocortisoning it with the "I'm too busy" cream, I ended up with some nasty malware - or what I've now seen termed 'scumware' - on my system.

I keep Adware installed, and I use Pop-Up Stopper, too. But somehow I ended up in deep trouble. The windows kept popping up, toolbars took up unwanted residence in my browser, a Trojan virus landed on my system, and so on. The infestation was nasty.

The next step was installing SpyBot Search and Destroy. It's free. And when you review the license agreement upon installation, you'll see the following:

spybot terms

I love both reasons. Of course, there is an art to superb clean, effective, and user-friendly software development. And it's an art that should bring in money to good developers. But, I still have to give him credit for noble notions.

Unfortunately, that didn't do the trick either. It would appear to clean up the problems, but upon relaunching a browser, the problems returned. The scumware was embedded deep.

Finally, I found my way to the SpyWare Warrior Forums - and found help under the guise of "Java, a warrior in training."

It took installing HiJackThis and RegEdit, a number of safe-mode boots, and dozens of file and key deletions to get things back under control. But with Java's help, I'm hopefully scumwarefree again.

Just in case, I've now got SpywareBuster installed now, as well as a firewall (which admittedly I should have had long before now).

As I read on one other scumware victim's thread, "protection is better than the cure."

It's a motto I'm taking to heart.

Now I can breathe easy and get back to knitting.

(Yes, while all those reboots and scans were going on, I've managed to almost finish the front of the Oriole vest. Hopefully will have pictures tomorrow.)

Quick Clicks

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Out visiting at Fred's House, and I got caught up in looking at Gene's photo collections, most recently snapped from a mobile phone. This set from a trip to the UK contains some really great shots.

I've always maintained that despite my high-tech life, I don't really need a camera phone because I wouldn't be happy with it's low-res images. But Gene's shots could change my mind!

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