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A Classic Returns

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cardigan sleeves
That picture can only mean one thing, right? Yep. The "Must Have" has been picked back up. It's a good thing. It's at the top of my list for 2006 because I can't deal with the guilt of starting another sweater without finishing it first. So, a week ago, I dug it out (well, not really, I actually, miracle of miracles, knew where it was hanging in a Vera bag of its own*), and got to work. It was one of those moments when I gave an inward cheer that I'd taken time to keep careful notes and set up a schema for keeping the disparate charts (which don't all have the same number or rows per repeat) straight. It was easy to pick up the sleeves, which I'm working together, and get started. I'd even already charted out all the rows through the sleeve increase section, so I really was "ready to go" right out of the bag. When I started, I was on row 43 of the sleeves and could tell from my notes that I'd have to work through at least row 96. Somehow deluding myself into believing that once I checked off all those rows, I'd be close to "done," I got busy and cranked out those 50+ rows last week only to find, at the end, that I'm 2 inches short of the requisite 19 inches necessary before the decreases start. So, I've got some more work to do before I start shaping the sleeves. Still, it's going to happen.

Tots and Spots

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An outbreak of head to toe rash on Saturday following a week of super cranky baby (which we were attributing to cutting molars) has left the house (and nerves) in an uproar. He was a bit spotty on his belly Saturday morning, and then the spreading began. Three hours later, as I was pacing around the ER with him, he was getting more rashy by the minute... arms, legs, hands, feet. My baby was turning into a red blob.

At first they determined it a non-specific viral rash. Then they decided it was hand, mouth, and foot - also a viral rash, just one with a name. Reading up on HFM, it didn't seem to really match what we saw, especially since that chiefly appears on the named areas and sometimes buttocks. His was much more all-over and not blistery. By Monday, much of the rash had cleared and calmed. His face, which was the last area to show the rash, was then the worst, and he was still really irritable and short-fused.

Today, Wednesday, it seems to have all totally passed.

I really intended to knock out a chunk of my Must Have sleeves over the weekend, but I didn't. I just wasn't 'into' working on them. I won't finish by my birthday next week, but that's okay. I've sort of consciously decided not to finish. That doesn't mean I won't still end up making the mad dash this coming weekend to finish, but I'm not planning on it.

I tried working on the Climbing Roses stole some. It is slow going. My only experiences with lace thus far have been on needles size 5 or larger, and I fell in love with lace, the idea of lace, and the process of lace. Unfortunately, my love affair may have been shortlived.

Working this project on 1's is painstaking, and I'm not one who shies away from 1's, after all, my socks are almost always on 1's. The bamboo may be causing some of the problem as the KnitPicks Shimmer feels sticky on them. The yarn is hard to slide, and working standard k2tog stitches is incredibly tedious. I think the needles just aren't tapered enough for this lace weight yarn. So, I'm not enjoying the knitting. I'm not ready to give in though. It's my first lace weight project, so I'm trying to give myself some leeway and the chance to find a rhythm with the project. I'm hoping once I get another repeat done, I'll be able to see the lace pattern more clearly... and fall in love.

While my own knitting feels stilted right now, I've spent a lot of time yarn hunting online. Mom's coming next week, and on our trip to LEGOLand, she and M. both want to work on a Clapotis. We do have a long car ride ahead (one of us squeezed between car seats in the back), so it's possible some car knitting will get done. That's not M's style, but Mom and I might get something done. Neither of them believes me when I tell them Clapotis is really an easy knit, so this way they can do it together. Mom isn't sure she wants to make her first one out of Lion and the Lamb. Had she, I wanted to give her the yarn for her birthday. I had spotted what I thought might be the perfect colorway... Valentine. Looks like a perfect Red Hat colorway, and Mom is the 'queen' of her Red Hat club. (In further looking, other Lorna's colorways, like Miata, also seem to have the red/purple thing going. I'd have to see one in person to really know, I guess.)

If you have a red-hatter in the family, KnitPicks also has an Eros-style yarn in a Red Hat colorway and a simple shawl pattern for it in their May catalog.

In poking around on eBay and yarn sites, I was again stunned by how many beautiful colorways of Lorna's there are. Just amazing! I think I could work my way through Lorna's colorways in sock yarn and be pretty happy. I also spotted a few small projects perfect as a cluster of to-do items for M's birthday.

So, I wrote much of this entry earlier in the week. It's been in my Palm, tucked away on the back of the bed, so it didn't make its way to the blog.

In the interrim, my hand/wrist is acting up, so I'm having a lot of trouble using my right hand at all without a lot of pain all the way down to my fingers. Probably a tendon flare, but really frustrating. I went ahead and knitted some on a sock last night, which M argued was really silly since the gripping motion especially on the small needles likely aggravates the problem. She's right, no doubt. So, I'm trying to take a break.

Crazy how when you know you should 'not' knit is when you want to most!

Must Have Back


Slowly but surely... I finished the back of my Must Have earlier in the week. There was one precarious moment when I came in to find Spencer in the floor with the back off the needles. Big brother had been near enough to see and explain that Spencer had climbed up on a large toy truck to pull down the knitting I thought safely stashed on the back corner of the couch. The allure of needles and yarn...

Things went back together without too much trouble, and it's off the needles (the neck on a holder) now.

The sleeves have been cast on, too, so progress all around.

Too Big or Too Small

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I canít believe itís June 1 today. Time to flip the calendar over and start marking off school days in one color, swimming days in another, music days in another. Already there are notes on many days for doctorís appointments, hair cuts, and then the week when my mom will be here and weíre heading to LEGOLand. (Yeah!) Iíve never been much of a calendar person, but suddenly this year the tides of time have swung a different direction, and Iím caught up in a calendar tailspin, and we lead relatively calm and decidedly not overscheduled lives.

I feel like Iíve been knitting in spits and spurts, but I have nothing to show for it. First Iíd started a pair of socks from Knitting on the Road in purple Lornaís Laces. They were looking really pretty but seemed way too small. So I frogged those. I was going to start a pair from Lucy Neatbyís Cool Socks book the other day in the car in between dropping Matthew off at school and taking Spencer to music. Having made Meganís New Yearís socks from Lornaís Laces, I knew my gauge with the yarn, but I didnít know my ankle measurement, so I couldnít even figure out what I needed to cast on. I happened to have Knitting on the Road with me in the bag that day, too, and the Conwy socks call for Lornaís, so with a mental shrug, I figured what the hay. The book is full of great socks, and those are cool and pretty, too, with their cabled legs.

I just wanted a pair cast on that I could work on in off moments, something easy to pick up when working on my Must Have wasnít possible. I started them and worked on the ribbing in the car. I then picked them up late the other night only to find that the stitch pattern is really complicated. Not in terms of understanding it, but in terms of physically doing it. Itís not easy knitting. I was having a heck of a time doing what was necessary, and you have to do the tough stitches every other row and like every two stitches all the way around.

Since that clearly wasnít providing the restful knit I was hoping, I grabbed a skein of Regia Jubilee that Iíd started and frogged last fall and cast on the other night figuring Iíd do something basic since thatís a heavily self-patterning yarn. But, I always overthink and rebel against Ďbasic,í so instead of a simple 2 x 2 or even 2 x 3 rib, I started doing seed panels separated by close rib panels. I worked on it again last night and just felt like I wasnít liking how it looked. So, I ripped that out last night, too, before falling asleep.

So, no socks in the works yet, although I havenít actually frogged the Conwy ones. I want to give that pattern a shot in daylight to see if itís really as tough (for me) as it seemed the other night.

My other failed attempts have been for a Bottomís Up Bucket Hat. First, I was going to make Spencer one to give the pattern a try. I cast it on and frogged it after maybe 10 rows because it just looked huge. I then cast on (using a different yarn) for myself using an Addi 6. Again, it looked huge. But, itís the brim. It will logically be bigger than the hat and draw in when you get past the brim. It drew in but not enough. When I was switching over to the 7ís, after doing all the decreases and dropping to one yarn, there was a moment when I had parts of it on each circular and could see how bit it was.

Think toilet seat cover. Think steering wheel cover. Think shoulder shrug.

All of those things would be closer to the reality than a hat.

I have photos of the hat's demise, but they are too depressing to even show. After pulling it off the needles, I laid it on the floor by a measuring tape. Please don't choke on your laughter when I say it measured out at 58 inches.

And, yes, Megan and I both modeled it as a shrug or the start of a poncho or something similar.

What on earth went wrong? I donít know. (Okay, I didn't swatch.) The only thing I can figure is that with the cotton, my knitting was just too loose on the metal circular. It didn't feel overly loose. The finished product doesn't look really loose. But, I do tend to use bamboo more these days, except for socks, for which I do use Addis always.

I knew Iíd read many complaints from bloggers about working with the doubled cotton for the brim. My mom, too, had said sheíd had trouble with the double stranded section hurting her hands. I didnít really have that trouble. Guess that should have been my first warning that something was wrong.

I should just give up on this hat and call it a wrap. But itís like a record stuck in my head now. I think I have to make it. Unfortunately, I donít have the right needles in bamboo. I need a 16Ē 6 and 7. Or, I might even need to drop to a 16Ē 5 and do the body of the hat in a 6. (If youíre thinking I should swatch, youíre right.)

With all the needles I have (and I feel like I have a TON of circular needles), I couldn't put my hands on these sizes/lengths over the weekend. So, I need to run to a yarn store. I am strange, I guess. I hate to go in just to buy needles. I feel sort of like an interloper. But, I also want Bryspun needles in sizes 2 and 7 for projects I have planned, so a needle run seems inevitable. [Update: Needles ordered!]

I did pick up my Must Have a few times and am working steadily up the back. I havenít given it the attention itís needed though, for sure, although Iím still hoping for completion by June 23 since Iím hoping to start two new projects the week of Momís visit.

Needles Snafu

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mh back

Palm blog - April 24

Even though my mind was spinning with alpaca color choices for another project, lace variations for a shawl I want to try, and fascination with the super cropped "Sideways Spencer" from last fall's Interweave, I stuck to the plan and made steady progress on the back of my Must Have this weekend. Relative to the number of rows left to do, I was feeling discouraged by my progress. M. walked in and exclaimed in surprise at how quickly it was going. I guess it's all a matter of perspective.

It's the first "garment" I've worked on in a while, so I'm giving myself some leeway. I know I have a history of being more of a starter than a finisher, but I'm doing better. I just can't let myself get too sidetracked. The thrill of starting something new is intense, but I'm really looking forward to the glow of accomplishment that comes with finishing a big project. Guess my knitting attitude is growing up!

A cautionary tale...
I cast my back on using wooden 6's, the same ones I used for the fronts. After doing the rib, I wanted to switch to a circular needle, so I had scouted through my portfolio of needles and turned up just one wooden 6. It's shortish, but I figured it would work. As I got ready to work onto the circular, I happened to look down and notice that my straights are a 4.25mm/6 but the circular is the more standard 4mm/6. They may be close, and they may both be sold as a 6, but as far as I'm concerned, they're not interchangeable! I felt lucky to have noticed before making the switch. It could have thrown my gague off on the back for sure.

So, I'm stuck working on straights. It's less convenient overall, and already, just a quarter of the way up the length, the needles feel heavy to me. But, I'm still glad to have caught the potential problem now rather than later when I couldn't figure out why it was smaller than it should be.

The moral of this story is... before you switch needles during a project, make sure you doublecheck that they are the same. 6's are one instance where this discrepancy occurs between manufacturers. I'm not sure off-hand, but I think it happens with one of the smaller sizes, too - I'm thinking it's the 3.

On to the 'Must Have' Back

I finished the right front of my 'Must Have' last night while watching Grey's Anatomy. I had to do an unfortunate bit of ripping on Saturday, and then some repair yesterday. But it's done. The only problem is that it's a tad longer than the left below the armhole even though the row count matches up on paper. I'm guessing I was just a bit looser working the second piece. I'm sure blocking will even things out.

I'm excited to get started on the back. In the finished ones I've seen, the back is where the cables really shine.

rudgyard story coverI've still totally got the Ribby on my mind. Then, yesterday, M. and I were sitting in the bedroom with Spencer, and I caught sight of my Anjuli (cover cardigan from Jo Sharp's early Rudgyard Story) peeking out of a basket. I've always loved this pattern, and the photos of the model wearing it seaside.

You may recall me mentioning before that we both seem to have lost finished pieces of our Anjuli's, making them permanently stalled projects since we don't want to continue if we can't find the finished pieces because, of course, we wouldn't have enough yarn to redo them (and we bought the yarn and started these several years back). (In reality, mine is too big anyway.) At any rate, I was looking at the Anjuli peeking out at me and thinking that we could buy all new yarn/colors of the Peruvian Highland wool and just start over. (I'd definitely pick different colors this time, too!) M.'s been 'off' knitting for a while now (partly joint issues), but she, too, was tempted by the idea of resurrecting Anjuli as a project even using new yarns. I'm going to find the pattern collection today, take a fresh look at sizes (we both need smaller than we used to), and look at some colors.

(The Rudgyard Story is one of my favorite collections, actually. Wattletop, another that remains on my "someday" list is in that same collection. Love the Knitting Bazaar collection, too. Megan has yarn for Emporium, and I've always wanted to make the cover Boheme.)

Beautiful Ball

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The right front of the Must Have is progressing nicely. I got a good chunk of knitting time ('good chunk' of course being relative; when you have two little boys, 'good chunk' is far less than it may be for others) last night while the boys were playing. Actually, the boys were walking, hand-in-hand around the house together. Spencer has been 'cruising' (a.k.a. walking the furniture) for months now, and just recently started walking short distances on his own. Concurrent to that autonomy, he's started walking a lot more holding my hand, and last night, the boys rounded the dining room through the kitchen and back into the living room hand in hand for the first time, both of them beaming as they came into my line of sight. I was beaming, too. It was just the sweetest moment, and my heart swelled watching them. I knew they were coming because Matthew had called out, "Mama, we're doing something special" before they got to the doorway.

The glow of motherhood still strong, I got a few more rows in on the cardigan before Matthew decided he really needed to go draw a picture of him and Spencer walking together. So cute.

The photo above/right is a close-up of the yarn I'm using for the Must Have. This actually seems to capture the colorway pretty accurately.

Curious minds want to know...

  • How did Chibi's become so popular that the discontinued pink ones started selling at black market prices before I'd ever even heard of them?
  • Who came up with the idea for glow-in-the-dark pins?

Speaking of balls...

spencer w/ ball

'Must Have' Left Front

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So, here is the left front of the Must Have. I moved it on off the main needles and onto a spare yesterday when I couldn't easily get to a measuring tape so that I could take advantage of a few free minutes to cast on the right front and do the 10 rows of ribbing. I meaured the left front last night, and it looks like I need about another half inch or so in length. That's okay.

must have front

It's amazing how differently the colorway looks worked up compared to the (huge) ball. The photo shows up lighter in general (this is without flash), but beyond that, the ball just has a deeper, darker look to it. In the photo, especially, the darker color shows up navy in tone. In person, it's so dark it's almost a rich ink or black.

It's working up pretty, don't get me wrong. Just not exactly as I'd have expected based on the hank/ball.

I'm sure some of you are thinking, "yikes, who does an aran in variegated yarn?!?!" A valid question, but actually, I think it's going to be a beautiful cardigan. Classic in design even if it's not a solid!

Cute Initials

It's always funny how you stumble over things. I was poking around at Elann because I've recently been feeling the effects of getting bitten by the Ribby Cardi bug, probably because Mommio is just one of the latest in a string of bloggers making this cardigan. I was looking at Elann colors of Peruvian Wool (unbelievable price point). I'm almost overwhelmed by the possibilities, but I think I might have to go pink and green. (Very Lilly P, I know, or very Knit Happens. Did you see the Knit Happen's Lorna's Laces colorway. Too cool! And, by the way, I LOVE the Yarn Harlot's pink/green Baby Surprise.) After drooling over the colors, I thought I'd check KnitPicks just to see how their new line of yarns compared. sweater They have a similar Peruvian Wool of their own. The price is a bit less (amazingly), but they don't have nearly the range of color offering - although the kind of shades I'm looking for ARE available in their same-gauged Peruvian Alpaca (hmmm). At any rate, while I was looking around, this "initial" sweater caught my eye. Adorable, huh!

It's from Debbie Bliss's new collection Special Knits: 22 Gorgeous Handknits For Babies and Toddlers. Stumbling over a special knitsDebbie Bliss book of teddy bears was what prompted me to learn to knit (pre-kids even), and I've always been a fan of her children's patterns. I have a good-sized collection of her earlier works, though I haven't made nearly as many things as I thought I'd make as a mother of little ones. Matthew ended up with several sweaters he wore as a baby - and the first project I ever finished for him was a wonderful blue moss-stitch cardigan out of Mission Falls 1824 Cotton (Spencer wears it now). But once Matthew got big enough to object, it became tough to get him to wear sweaters we made! There's a beautiful brown merino Bliss gansey Megan made that's in the closet unworn. Hopefully we'll have better luck with Spencer. For my part, my knitting for the boys (beyond hats, which both like and wear) will probably best be served by cardigans - just like their Mama!

At any rate, this sweater caught my eye.

I'll try and take some update photos today. Knitting on my Must Have has progressed nicely even though I haven't worked on it all that much. It seems to work up quickly, surprisingly. I should finish the left front today. I think I'll leave the stitches on a holder in anticipation of maybe doing a three-needle bindoff for the shoulders.

Cable Repair


I don't know what's been going on with the (scant) knitting I've been doing the last few days, but I clearly have only been knitting with half my mind tuned in.

I sat down last night to do a few rows on my 'Must Have' while the boys scampered about in a PlayHut tunnel in front of me putting space capsules (plastic easter eggs) in place to make the tunnel have enough fuel to launch. (The four-year-old has quite the imagination.) I knit two rows, and then looked at the start of the next row to find my Irish Moss was off. Clearly I'd forgotten to shift the stitches a few rows earlier. So, I carefully picked back each of those first 18 or so stitches to correct and repair the Irish Moss. Luckily, I love seed stitch, and Irish Moss is really a double or elongated version, so it was a good fix. I was glad I'd tuned into what I was doing when I did rather than when the front was complete!

Zoom forward a few more hours, and, both boys finally conked out, I pulled out my cabled Koigu project to work on Matthew's hat while watching the final episode of Season 1 of Monarch of the Glenn. I zipped around two rows only to look down and find that knitting gremlins had again been at work. The first cable "wasn't." Apparently I'd forgotten to do the cable there.

I peeled back the appropriate number of rows and picked up just the stitches involved to correct the cable. After working my way back up the ladder of dropped stitches for the 6-stitch cable, I was feeling quite proud of my repair only to find the same exact problem 9 stitches later. That I "forgot" to do the cable twice in a row is really odd. Again, the repair went well. I'd never tried a cable repair before. I probably would normally have just dropped all the stitches and picked the whole thing back up. But, not this time.

As it turns out, last night's repairs were probably karma's way of preparing me for today.

I had a second to grab a few rows of the 'Must Have' and found that my Panel A had a problem 8 rows back. Yikes. Panel A involves 9 stitches. I didn't actually forget to cable in this case. What happened (apparently) is that on row 3 of Panel A, I did a C3F rather than a C3B, so the cable didn't twist properly. 8 rows felt pretty hairy to fix since that meant having to use dropped ladders to re-do 2 cable rows rather than just 1. But the repair went well. It felt tedious, but it worked. (And Spencer slept in my lap through the whole thing! Every time he stirred, my heart would sink as I envisioned all the stitches being lost forever and me having to start over!)

So, hopefully, no more repair work. I guess I've just been preoccupied. But I'm feeling 'repaired' out for now.

The Easter Bunny was good to me (as always). My mom sent me two skeins of KnitPicks Shimmer (lace weight) (and cherry cordial eggs!). It's beautiful, and I've been wanting to order some ever since they introduced their own line of yarns. I've oohed and aahed over the colors. So, I'm thrilled to have some. It feels luscious. And I have lots of ideas for how to put it to good use after I clear off a few of the things I have started.


'Must Have' Wraps


So... it's been raining like crazy for the last few days, and today, while it rained, I realized I need to rip out my Must Have and start over. I checked the measurements, and it seems like while my gauge seems accurate in the reverse stockinette sections, my cables must be looser than anticipated because the overall piece is slightly bigger than it should be. As we all know, of course, what seems to be a "slight" difference can end up being a difference of several inches overall. So, I think I need to start over on a smaller needle. That's okay. It also pushed me to evaluate what might be going on with my "wraps" which form one of the three distinct cable columns. Part of the wrap is a "yarn forward." I was doing mine by taking my yarn from the back and then laying it "over" my needle, and then doing the next stitch. When I'd get to it on the wrong side, the stitch wasn't on the needle properly for a normal purl stitch, but it was still purlable. So, I continued. The wraps look fine, but I had this niggling sense that maybe all was not as it should be.

I realize that I could also increase a stitch by taking the yarn under my needle and then lying it over it (from bottom to top rather than top to bottom, in other words). So, I went digging around and checked a few reference books. I have to admit I'm not the best at deciphering visual images of how to knit, but it looks to me like the "other" way (bottom to top and over) is the way the yarn forward should be done.

I swatched three repeats of the 4-row wrap stitch each way to see how they compared.

Here they are...


(Note: This swatch is in the other colorway I contemplated, not the colorway I'm using.)

The way I had been doing it (shown left above) ends up not having the same kind of discreet hole as the other way (shown right). That's clear (moreso in person). And, I'm assuming the "hole" is supposed to be there. (It's a really obvious hole. When you hold the piece up, you can see through it.)

I checked again the closeup photo Mommio has of her wraps. I definitely see the dimpling hole in hers, but it doesn't look so much like a "hole" as mine does. Still, the method I'd been using didn't really seem to generate even the dimple.

In truth, I like the end result of the way I had been doing it. I even considered going ahead and doing "my" wraps that way for the cardigan. But, I figure it's probably supposed to be the other way, and I like the effect of the column of "circles" in the photos of the cardigan - which means I need the hole.

It is supposed to be the other way, right?

Here is it, before I start over...


I'd only done about 30 rows, so it's not like I'm losing that much. And this is exactly why I decided to start on a front this time rather than the back!

Must Have Ease

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I hope to post some photos later, but having worked on the left front of the Must Have yesterday, I'm still worried about the 2 stitches I added. Normally you would add stitches like that under the arm, but I've added them on the inside/center to accomodate the ribbing issue. Will 2 stitches throw the panels off-center enough to be noticeable? I think not, but it keeps crossing my mind.

I'm also concerned about ease. I know this pattern doesn't offer much ease in the sizing. It's very close. I just can't decide if this yarn will work with such "closeness" (Woolpak isn't drape-y at all; it's a more traditional wool) or if I'd be better off upsizing (probably using SequinK's mods for a 44" instead of the 41"). I hate to keep going forward and it end up too small. But I hate to make it too big, too, because that's always been my trend, and it's a habit I've been trying to break!

My Must Have


Palm Blog... 3/19/05
My Must Have pattern arrived on Friday (of course the day after I finally gave up and contacted customer service in search of its whereabouts). Having been feeling a bit in the dumps, or at least a bit stagnant, about my knitting, especially in the face of the mini heat wave we've been having (and heat makes me miserable), it was with great excitement that I tore into the box.

In addition to the Street Smart booklet, I picked up another Koigu scarf/shawl pattern (which I would make bigger), a crocheted poncho pattern that caught my eye in the catalog, and two skeins of Koigu to make Matthew's Ninja hat (since the one I made him reinforced a valuable lesson about cables and gauge and fits little brother).

poncho patternberries shawl pattern

I originally ordered the two skeins as extras. When I started Matthew's hat, I wasn't sure 1 would be enough - especially since cabling tends to eat yarn. So I ordered 2 thinking that would give me an extra if needed, or two matching for something else if they were not needed. As it turns out, I'll be using both of them for his hat. But that's a good thing because I hadn't realized how dramatically different Koigu can colorways can be between dye lots. The skeins in the box look almost nothing like the original one I was using. The new ones are still beautiful, but more turquoise rather than lime. I even went fishing for the original label to make sure I had ordered the right color. Indeed, I had.

Ironically, the same issue came up with the Woolpak I'm using (from stash) for my Must Have. We have two colorways although we've forgotten whose was whose originally. So I've been trying to decide which to use. Once I realized, with some surprise, that it will only take four hanks (or a tad more), then it was clear I could use either. I was leaning toward the darker of the two (it's just speaking to me), but I went searching in the much-in-need-of-stash-reorganization basement for each colorway to make sure I could put my hands on the right quantity of each.

I found both, and with the darker, I found a hank of what I thought was the 'other' colorway. Looking at it in the murky basement light, I was drawn to its vibrant, intense, almost hyper-color quality. Looking at the streaks of purple and pink in what is basically an earth-tone scheme, I couldn't believe I was even considering the darker colorway. But when I got it upstairs, I realized it wasn't a match. Vaguely, we remember M. buying a hank or two of it at a later date for some other project. Ironically, I checked, and the colorway is the same. Just different dye lots.

So, after much debate, I decided to plunge ahead with the darker colorway - recognizing, of course, that I'm not certain how the cabling will show up.

I thought I was all set to start, but my entrťe into this pattern was far from clear-cut. Prior to securing a copy of the pattern, I had monitored the knitalong blog enough to know that there was some issue with matching up the ribbing to the cables. So, ready to cast on, I headed out there to get the down and dirty. Hours later, I was pacing the house in confusion over correcting the ribbing for the front (where I was planning to start), and trying to sort out the cables that need to be flipped, the problem with the Irish Moss on the sleeve, and my own concerns with the sizing. Mostly, the ribbing and sizing were on my mind. I drafted a message to SequinK asking for advice on the ribbing, but I felt too lame to send it feeling certain the answer was obvious - or else really subjective and so I should just move forward.. Finally, I charted my ribbing and cast on, though I was still concerned with having only 1 knit at the ends rather than 3. I couldn't foresee it mattering, but I worried I was missing some reason it might matter in terms of how the button band juxtaposes to the ribbing. I cast on pre-dinner.

Post-dinner, still worried about sizing, ease, sudden change in my chest size, and the altered ribbing, I pulled out the handful of rows I'd done and re-cast, opting to simply increase each front by 2 stitches. I think I'm all set now. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to establish the cables tomorrow - and get a good look at how this yarn plays out.

Of course, I first have to attend a 'housekeeping party' at the preschool. Did I mention that our auction was very successful? No. I know I didn't. My knitting spirit was bruised by the fact that my Clapotis got no bids. The knitted ponchos, hats, and felted bags did well, as did my painted stools. But Clapotis was ignored. I'm not sure what her fate will be at the follow-up school-only mini auction for items that didn't sell (I'm having a Rudolphian Land of Misfit Toys moment), but it was sad to see her hanging unnoticed and unappreciated that night.

Pattern Success (I hope!)


cardiganWhile flipping through the new Patternworks catalog over the weekend, I stumbled over the Must Have, Too Cardigan pattern. Yep, the same one I've been having trouble locating. The same one I ordered from WEBS and found out 10 days later that they don't have in stock. I had, initially, checked Patternworks, but I didn't turn it up in my online search. It's in their database as "Must Have Cardigan," so my searching on "Patons" and on "Street Smart" (the booklet name) didn't find it.

So, I've placed another order for it. Maybe I'll get to join the knitalong still!

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