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Day #11

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#11 of what, you're no doubt asking. #11 of our LEGO Advent Calendar. Yeah, I know. You're thinking, "how can it be day #11 when December hasn't even begun?" A very logical question, of course. But, we had to start early. We're leaving Dec 16 for the holidays, so we got an early start on our calendar. I wasn't sure Matthew was really ready for a one-a-day type calendar, especially with something he loves, like LEGOs. I was worried he'd really just want to go ahead and make them all at once. And, honestly, that would have been okay, too. But, he was ready. Every day, first thing out of bed, he runs in and says, "we have to do our calendar, Mama."

He grabs the box. Then he pauses. "What day is today?"

So, we're on day 11. And today was a nice red and white (appropriately) Santa on a green sled. Very cute. Luckily, I love LEGOs, so it's been fun each morning huddled with him (Spencer in my lap and trying to grab the bag from us) figuring out how to put together each new piece.

I am glad though that we're finally seeing some holiday things. We had a run of blue things... blue bird... blue snow-robot (we guess)... blue helicopter. When the fourth or fifth blue thing popped out, I was getting pretty frustrated and thinking something was amiss with our box. But, this week, we had a white and yellow angel, a red skier, and today's Santa. So, the holiday vibe is beginning to show.

Lots of fun.

In another life, maybe I could work for LEGO and design amazing kits and projects...

So, in this life, after LEGOs and in between helping with the online LEGO Knights games (current obsession), I knit, especially if I've managed to get Spencer to sleep.

Spencer is (finally) cutting teeth. We think he's been teething forever, but the first edge of one finally popped through yesterday. Though pediatricians deny it, our experience does show that babies often get colds that coincide with the teeth. True to form, he's got his fair share of snot and crankiness to aid the teething along.

Matthew got his first teeth at 3 1/2 months - early and a big ouch for a nursing mom. It's been strange waiting for Spencer's to arrive. When I was expecting, I wanted another baby "just like Matthew." I won't deny that. Everyone warned me that they'd likely be very different.

"My brother and I are so much alike," I'd say, secure in my sense that my boys would be very similar.

It's too early to tell personality and interest-wise how alike or different they are. Some things have been very similar... the need to be held almost constantly, for example (that's probably not genetic just an outgrowth of our parenting styles). But others have been different... Spencer started crawling last month. Matthew was a forearms scoocher. He'd go all around the house dragging himself forward on his forearms, the rest of his body firmly on the floor. Having mastered crawling, Spencer now stands all the time and anywhere he can. We don't remember Matthew doing that, at least not this early. Matthew never really liked baby food. Spencer finds it quite nice, as long as it doesn't interrupt with his regular nursing! The teeth are just another difference, and they reinforce the fact that the boys are different, are their own little people. I just hope they are similar in ways that count and in ways that will give them important grounds of friendship and companionship. I hope they grow to always love each other. It always scares me when I see siblings that just don't get along.

When Spencer and I got up early this morning, I sat in my chair sipping coffee (which we ship in from Maine) and realized I had nothing sitting there "ready" to be picked up and worked on. I finished the second Broadripple sock last night right before it was time to get Matthew settled down for the night. They turned out fabulous. But, this morning, my hands felt empty.

Not, of course, that I don't have a number of other things started and in sore need of some attention. But nothing was sitting there handy and full of holiday-gift urgency.

So, while he snoozed this morning, I worked on my needlepoint project. It's almost done, too. Getting it done will mean I'm really "done" with the major holiday things. I didn't overdo it this year with gift plans. (I'll be able to detail what I made post-Christmas. But, I'm proud to say I actually finished everything.)

I think I'm going to do a few small things hopefully before I leave. A lot of things are tempting me, but I want to make Spencer a hat out of a nice and soft red variegated I bought a while back. I'm also hoping to make myself Koigu Gauntlets like the ones I made M. Hers are so cool, and every time she puts them on, I think, "hey, I need a pair of those."

Plus, the next Six Sox pattern will be unveiled tomorrow.

If I could finish up the purple "Wendy" scarf I started (which you may recall I don't like but feel obligated to finish) and a cool green Fizz and ladder yarn scarf, it would be nice.

So, I have lots to do and should be set until we leave for the holidays. I'm tempted by another child's poncho, too, for the auction. But, we'll see how far I get on the other projects.

Color my world

I mentioned that I'd been sorting through bags and bins picking out colors for an impromptu needlepoint project for a holiday recipient [who sometimes reads my blog]. Here's a snapshot of the colors.


Taken as a whole, isn't this grouping wonderful? These colors make me happy every time I look at them. They are bright yet soothing, peaceful, cheerful, calm... it just turned out to be a great group!

And, on the theme of 'color my world,' here are words to a favorite lullaby. Well, it's a kid's song. I learned it in 5th grade. I remember very little from those days, but these words and the accompanying tune have always stuck with me. It's a favorite of Matthew's today:

    "Red and yellow and pink and green,
    Purple and orange and blue.
    You can sing a rainbow. Sing a rainbow. Sing a rainbow, too.

    Listen with your eyes. Listen with your eyes.
    And sing everything you see.
    You can sing a rainbow. Sing a rainbow. Sing a rainbow, too."

As I got ready to leave the preschool this morning, some of the older boys (circa 5) were on the jungle gym playing and were only allowing kids with red clothing to play with them.

This is somehow an outgrowth of boys not wanting to play with girls and vice versa that manifested itself today in clothing colors being the limiting factor.

(Yes, a teacher, dressed all in blue, stepped in to ask if she could play.)

It starts too/so young.

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