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Beautiful Bags

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The photo above shows the great bag Mom gave me for Christmas - the Shoalwater pattern and yarn was in it. I love bags. Not purses, but bags to hold 'stuff.' Whether it's genetic from Mom or environmental from growing up with Mom's similar bag addiction, I can't help it. Big bags, little bags, in-between bags. They're all good, and you can
never have too many knitting bags is a household philosophy. (We have staggering Vera Bradley collections to support our motto.) So, I was thrilled to open the box and see the bag. Well, my bag was actually clear with lime. M's knitting gift came with the clear and pink bag. We quickly struck a deal to swap. The lime is great, but I'm really in
love with the pink.

I've admired Mom's clear bag on many occassions, but with the black trim, I wasn't ever compelled to actually buy one. That she found colored ones is awesome. There is something addictive about the clear, something perfect about it for knitting.

As you can see from the photo, she also gave us matching accessories bags. Too cool! If you look carefully in the small bag you'll see one of my favorite new knitting tools. I bought a set of the Circular Needle ID tags for Mom's stocking and picked up a set in each size for myself. They are great! If you use circulars a lot, you probably have
a mess of needles somewhere - in a box, a bag, or a folder. Many of my metal ones are not marked, and many of my bamboo ones are worn and faded where the markings once were. The little ID tags click onto the cable making it super easy to find what you need.


Okay... one more bag came home with me. This is a small silk Lantern Moon bag with straps perfect for carrying on your wrist. Every time I flipped through a KnitPicks catalog, I was drawn to these bags, but I wasn't 100% sure. I ordered Mom one for her stocking in teal. When it came, I wasn't sure I iked the color. But she immediately put it to use, and it was clear what a great portable project bag it is. Plus, once light hit it, the color of the bag came alive. I was kicking myself for not having ordered one. Then we went to the annual after-holiday year-end sale at a local kniiting store. We try to make that sale each year just for tradition's sake. Even when we don't need anything. This year, having gotten great knit projects to keep me busy in 2006, I really didn't need anything. Still, I came way with an armload of Koigu, because I can't resist the colors. If they had had Lorna's Laces sock yarn, I might have concentrated my energies there, but instead more Koigu. Given the beauty of my Charlotte's Web, it's easy to justify in my head. (Mom acually wore hers to Christmas Eve service. It looked so beautiful on her, and it was great seeing it worn.)

So, when I walked in the store, they had two of the bags - one red and one purple. They also had a bigger one in pink. Loved the color, but right now, it's this smaller size that's caught my attention. The purple one came home with me. The red one went with Mom. We're addicted,I tell you.

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