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Who doesn't love a case?

This one was for a Mac, so it's a good bit bigger than my HP Mini case. But it was a great project. I hope it's well used. I use mine for my computer, but these days the iPad is often in it, and I've even toted around magazines and papers in it. Handy.

Pen Pouches

UPDATE: Most of these are now gone. The ones that remain are at Etsy. Thanks for looking. And thanks to those of you who purchased some of the first of my original art bags!









If you are interested... in any of these or in something specific in terms of color or pattern, let me know. You can reach me at oamyoamy AT gmail DOT com

Pen Pouches

As I mentioned on the 2-year celebration show... Episode 100... of the Creative Mom Podcast, I have a small set of pen pouches to list. I'm not posting these at Etsy in part because I'll be leaving for vacation and also because some of these may go to an art show instead of to Etsy later this summer.

I'll post these this evening ... I do sort of hate the "first come first serve" approach. Sorry!

All of the ones I'll be listing are visible at Flickr.

Episode 93 and Getting Busy...


Well, everyone... it looks like I have been quiet here... or not here... again. Spring... is upon us... already, April has moved in... so quickly...

I posted Episode 93 of the CMP yesterday. And... I've started pulling things out and working on some updates... maybe for Etsy... I'm getting ready to try a bit of a new spin on what I was doing... and that's exciting... so... I'll be showing what I'm doing soon... in the interim, more pen pouches and "nest" cards are underway. It's that initial process of doing the central patch that is the most fun... for sure... I just love that part.

A few books caught my eye recently... have any of you read any of these?

You can tell summer is coming... for some reason... it brings books like this into my realm of focus!

EP 76 and Things...




So... things still appearing here... and the "birds nests" craze continues... I'm so enamored with these, I can't help it. And... the things I sew... means there are constantly little nests piling up all over my table. [I spent time working out how to make small envelopes for them over the weekend. Tedious. But... now I've got sets!]

Episode 76 of the Creative Mom Podcast: The Spirit of Things went live today. (It may be that there is only one more before Christmas!) Be sure and check the show notes for links to some of the people/artists/items I talked about (like the paper cranes ornaments)!

And now... a few things on my radar and still open in tabs of my Firefox browser...






I realized late last night, as I clipped my last thread for the day, that I was winding down a span of days which can best be described as "productive." Granted, my final project took the better part of yesterday even though it shouldn't have. Still, over the weekend, and in and around my regular around-the-house responsibilities, and game-playing and book-reading and refereeing, and so on, I finished 3 pen pouches, made 1 backpack, sewed 6 bird's nest cards (pen pouches generate lots of clippings!), carved 2 stamps (one of which is a gift), and drew out three other stamps. Oh, and I got my show ready for this week (EP75). It may not sound like a lot... but as I settled down last night to carve the second stamp, a holiday-type snippet lifted from a morning sketch I did on Friday, I knew I was tired... and yet I felt "productive."

That the backpack is adorable and makes me almost giddy with the awesome fabric... and that the straps look nice... and that I finally searched hard enough and long enough to find the buttonhole attachment for my machine (although we didn't get along) and then the one for the second machine (which worked better though still seemed kludgy)... that the backpack turned out. That was the icing on the cake. I know the recipient is getting this backpack filled with some "to do" supplies (including one of the "make your own eraser stamps" kits I linked to recently). And that... is awesome. A lucky young artist!

And so, last night, as I finished the last of my top-stitching, the boys were working on projects... and cutting paper... which, of course, means a big mess was underway. And then, not surprisingly, there were some "sharing" issues with the scissors. So, I took a page from a photo I saw on SouleMama's Flickr last week... I gave Spencer a giant magnet bowl of large-headed pins and the pin cushion... and the task of transferring them. He spent a good hour at it, before bedtime. And then, amazingly, he woke this morning ready, again, to work at his "job."

I remember when the older one used to love playing with my can of buttons. But I'd never tried the pin cushion before. I guess it's very much like sorting the silverware drawer or the "pens" drawer, both of which are tasks I can remember doing (and enjoying).

So, here's to productivity.... and to an age where "busywork" and having a sense of "purpose" can buy you a few moments of peace. And what "age" might that be? Well... it seems true for him at 3 and for me at 37. Draw what conclusions you will!

Loose Ends




I've been working, and this kind of patching work is something I find incredibly soothing and rewarding. It's interesting though... the patches are deceptively simple in appearance. I don't treat them as traditional quilted pieces. Instead, I'm taking a layered, flat piecing approach... which is perfect for the pen pouches. But... there are many, many loose ends. And... I hate it when you snip an end on the top and it pulls (even a little). My solution to this? I take a needle and take each and every thread through to the back, and knot it there into the fabric, adding stability and helping ensure there are no loose ends on the surface.

Tedious. Tedious. Tedious.

And you'd probably never notice.

But I do.

Now... the top two photos here... they show the loose ends perfectly... ends I later needle-threaded through to the other side. The patch shown there though is unusual as it is a free-standing piece... I was playing... with shape... and so created a free-standing patch that I could then reshape and applique onto a foundation (rather than building it directly onto the foundation as I normally do). It worked pretty well... and thus... I now have a non-square patch, which is very exciting.

Lots of loose ends.

I tried to take a photo of the piles of birds nests accumulating on my table. A few days of sewing, and there are several perfect piles... just waiting to be gathered onto a card front.

Tomorrow... a backpack I've put off for far too long. I'm determined... tomorrow is the day.

OAmyOAmy Updated


Updates are live at etsy!

OAmyOAmy Update

A few of you have asked me if/when I'd be posting new bags to OAmyOAmy at Etsy. I will be posting a smallish batch tomorrow (Sunday). Several top-zips, a few front-zips, and just a few treasure bags.

(My favorite bag ever (maybe) is in this crop, in fact. I'll show a photo tomorrow/later.)


Well, it's official. More items, particulary pen pouches (but I hope other things this fall) will be coming... but the way I do things, it could be 2010 before I actually post the link to this if I don't just "do it." In other words, OAmyOAmy is at Etsy now.

I know some of you are looking for the "Treasure Bags" (like this one) for kids (or for the kid at heart) (or just because you're a cool artist type). A few are ready to post. If you're interested in a TB, feel free to talk to me about pattern and color. I'd rather make customs on those, if possible.

First Wave of Pen Pouches


One Step Forward, Two Steps...


Click through to read the note.

That about sums it up. I owe many of you emails. So sorry. I'm on the run again today. And, when I'm not running, I'm working on putting things online so that I can officially take up residence at Etsy.

PS: Silly putty today is NOT the same as silly putty I remember as a child. If your child smooshes it all down in his/her underwear, you do have a problem on a number of levels. Suggestion: be on your way out of the house with the other child so that you don't have to deal with said problems. Try not to laugh as you go. But, be aware, that even once the underwear and socks are tossed (because it also got smooshed in the carpet and then stepped in), the silly putty may still appear again... in your hair more than a week later... with no reasonable explanation how it got there since 20 minutes later you had not only washed it but taken time to do a pretty thorough blowdry job. Granted, during a week when there are "head checks" going on at school (and if you know what that means, you know what it means), green silly putty isn't the worst conceivable thing that can happen to a mom, especially one or ones that have co-sleeping children.

If you woke up today and didn't find anything out of the ordinary smooshed in your hair, and you have had no melted ribbon in the last 24 hours, ruining a project that had become a favorite, consider yourself off to a good start.

PPS: I can't even write a short PS note, can I!

So Cute... I Mean "Fierce."

oamyoamy-LGkids-pirate oamyoamy-LGkids-grid
These two are special requests. They are bigger than the Moleskine-sized pen pouches... sized specially to hold longer (or dual-ended) markers. Each has an inner ATC-sized pocket, and, as you can see, a ring on a loop on the side edge... either to clip it onto something OR to attach something like a Peek-a-Pooh (or similar Pokemon-type thing). Plus, quite honestly, it's hard to resist a small ring, right? Both also have an elastic back-strap.

More adult ones are coming, but if you're interested in something custom... or something in specific colors, let me know. Also... I've got a few simple drawstring treasure bags coming in the pirate fabric!

A few special dots



They're just happy.... and were "in progress" for someone to look at. Now they are both done.

Still happy!

Yikes and Double Yikes!!!!


Well. Let me just say that it's been a very _quiet_ day. Before I posted the pen pouches "for sale," I heard from several of you... excited. Then I posted them. Then nothing. Not all day. Then one message from Julie. And I kept thinking... how strange.

Then, Rachel wrote about something else and happened to ask... "did you get my order"?


And, you know why? Because I didn't do this the way I should have done it. The way a programmer would have done it. And, in not doing what I typically "do," I ended up making and repeating an error in the email address for every "I want this one" link.

So, whoever actually has "that" email address has probably gotten some curious mail today.

But, I didn't get any.

So, if you had emailed me about a bag, I am so sorry - but please do so again.

I'm reminding myself that there is a reason I didn't go to Etsy first. But, I'm also kicking myself. Over and over and over.


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