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A Ribby in Green

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ribby done

Well, the photo on the white hanger probably isn't the best way to capture the essence of the raglan Ribby Cardi, but I figured if I didn't post a pic soon, no one would believe I really have finished it! Zipper still to be ordered (I struck out at Joanne's), but otherwise, it's a wrap. I did have to do the collar twice. I picked up too many stitches the first time and thought, "ahh, well, it won't matter."


When I got all done, the roll collar was just a bit floppy and didn't look quite right. So, out it came.

Because this yarn is so soft and somehow doesn't have a lot of structure when knit, the fronts of the cardi simply won't stay open in any reasonable way, so the zipper is likely going to make a big difference here.

Here and There Clapotis

For days now, I've been planning to show you pictures of my Ribby Cardi. (We're fighting a bug that's making its way through the house. The preschool crowd is the worst when it comes to sharing viruses, and my toddler happily picks up every one it seems and then is more than willing to share it with mama!) Over the weekend, I got a bug up my pants to finish it and spent time attempting to block it and then sewing it together.

The blocking didn't go so well, and that may be a function of the fiber content of the Andean Silk (alpaca/silk/wool). I did a steam block (as shown at in the ChicKnits notes), but as soon as the piece dried post-steaming, it shrunk back down again. Strange. It just didn't hold the blocking at all.

(By the way, if you're starting a Ribby, read those notes. If I make another, I need to check back with them about the last few rows on the fronts. I know mine were a bit wonky, and I think the problem is explained there. But I finished the piece before seeing those!)

I think I blogged in my head about a hundred times about how much I dislike the process of "finishing" projects. I'm not bad at it, it's just not a task I love. M. had told me she'd put it together for me, but I got tired of waiting! So, I buckled down and did my seaming.

I did have one major moment of panic after sewing in the first sleeve when I tried it on and saw little ends sticking out. I was convinced I'd sewn the sleeve on (and together) inside out even though I knew I'd carefully checked before seaming it. In the process of showing M. the problem (and freaking out), I thought it through and realized it couldn't possibly be inside out. I tuck my ends a very specific way, through purl columns in this case, so that the ends were poking out through knit columns made clear that the sleeve wasn't inside out. But, the ends I'd so carefully tucked in were poking through on the right side. That's odd, and a pain, but at least I didn't have to re-seam!

I've been a bit stumped as to what collar treatment to do, and I need to order a zipper. After reading Sharlene's experience with Zippersource, I'm going to try Zipperstop (assuming that the local Joanne's doesn't have one that will work if I manage to run by there this weekend). The issue is that my front measures 19 1/2". I haven't inserted a zipper before, so I'm not 100% clear if I'm better going with a 20" zipper and slightly stretching my front or going with the 18" zipper and having it not completely reach the ends. Thoughts? (I don't think I want to cut off/alter a sized zipper this go-around.)

As for the collar, I've finally decided to do the roll-neck. M. kept pushing for the regular collar, but somehow it just doesn't seem like what I want on this one. I like the casual look of the roll, though I'm going to do it in the color of the body rather than the contrasting color of the sleeves. It's shown in the contrast on the sample/pattern, but all along I was thinking of doing it the other way. Then, I saw Nathania's Ribby while blog surfing yesterday. I love her pink/grey combination, by the way. But I also love how it looks with the pink roll collar. So, lettuce (light) roll it will be.

I tried to pick up the stitches last night in the bedroom but ended up with not enough so put it down to try again today. I'm feeling very lucky that when the little one woke up coughing early this a.m. and sat up and gagged (mostly snot) all over me and the bed that it didn't fly just over the bed to where I'd laid it in the floor!

Hopefully, pics (zipperless) tomorrow.

In the meantime, I figured my Rayon Chenille Clapotis should make its on-the-needles debut. My knitting is fairly sporadic these days. I pick up whatever happens to be closest to me when I get some time. (This may mean that I'll finish several things in close proximity to each other. We'll see.) I've picked the Clapotis up a number of times recently. The colors are just so pretty (and a bit unusual for me with the vibrant streak of turquoise that runs throughout) that I hate to have it sit unfinished and not get worn this season.

I sent my Secret Pal (Vicki, who had me) some hand-dyed chenille, and we were talking about her possibly doing a thinner Clapotis out of it. I love the idea of Clapotis as something more traditionally scarflike. (If you recall, my first turned out more blanketlike!)

Ribby Progress and Holiday Thoughts

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Thereís not a whole lot to report on this end. Iím feeling like I have a lot on the needles, and a number of projects lined up just waiting to get started. I did finish the right front of my Ribby Cardi over the weekend. I was feeling really proud about my progress until I realized that Iím actually only halfway done (Iíve finished the fronts and one sleeve). Then it felt like there was so much more to do. A classic glass half empty scenario! But, on my ďto doĒ list over the weekend, I had slated finish the front and then work 10 rows on my Clapotis and 10 rows on my sock. Yes, I have a Clapotis on the needles that I havenít fessed up to. I started another one while my mom was here. Iím using a Rayon Chenille I bought years ago on Ebay from Barbara Lundy Stone (Iíve checked, and she doesnít seem to be selling there anymore). Itís a beautiful ball of yarn. Originally, I thought it would be cool to have a silky rayon Clapotis. It's been a long time since I bought it, and I didnít recognize that it was a chenille until I started working with it. I thought it was a silky rayon, but it's clear that it's a chenille when you're using it. Iím a little concerned that the stitches wonít ďdropĒ well in chenille, but I am not far enough along to tell yet. Itís a thin yarn, so Iím working it on a size 5 needle. Iím hoping it ends up more scarf-like than my first one did. I am toying with making it smaller than the pattern calls for (doing less of section 2), but I canít decide for sure. So, I did my 10 rows (maybe a few more) on it, and then I cast on for the back of my Ribby Cardi. (Sorry, the socks didnít get their 10 rows! Trust me, thatís not the only thing on my list I didnít do.)

I am narrowing in on a few of the items for my holiday knitting. I think I know one thing for sure I want to make for my mom. I went ahead and ordered some yarn that Iíll need for it. If the colors are all I hope they will be, Iíll probably get started on it sooner rather than later. Itís a project Iíd like for myself, too, but I think it will be perfect for her, so Iím hoping it turns out well.

I had a couple of ideas of things to make for M., but her style has changed a lot over the last year, so I was trying to feel her out a bit recently and see what direction I should take. She knows Iím making something. She, Mom, and I added an extra set of gifts to our holiday exchange last year (so that weíd have some extras to parcel out in the pre-Christmas days), and the rule was that at least one of them had to be made. (This year, Iíve altered that to be that one has to either be made or be ďto makeĒ since last year there was a bit of struggling on, ahem, Momís part, with the handmade rule. Besides, we all love to get stuff to do!)

At any rate, I was contemplating a few ideas for M., mostly in the scarf genre, and yes, a Harry Potter scarf was in the running since sheís talked many times in the past about wanting one. I also was considering ďfinishingĒ her Clapotis. She started one in a wonderful cream silk and merino, but sheís only done like 10 rows (and had to redo those more than once) and just isnít really into making it herself. But when I asked what she might like me to make, her response was, ďIíd love it if you wanted to make me that cable sweater from the front of that British magazine.Ē

And she was serious.

Itís taken me at least two weeks to report that here on my blog because it took a while for me to pick up my jaw. I could see asking for a particular scarf, or a particular sock, or a hat, or even a felted bag, iPod cover, handwarmers, or something else accessory-like, even a shawl or wrap or stole. But a full sweater. A full cabled sweater. Yikes.

And, it bears noting that there is no precedent for the request. I've never made her a sweater before.

My own ďMust HaveĒ is still on my needles. My Ribby Cardi is in progress. I donít have a closet full of finished sweaters of my own.

But, I am considering it. Iíve looked over the pattern, and because it uses a bulky yarn and relatively big needles, it could be a fairly quick knit despite the cables. We have the yarn, too. Itís Rowan Chunky in a beautiful pink from her stash. Itís one of the first yarns she ever bought, I think, from a wonderful man at a store that used to be in Union Square but that I think isnít there any longer. We ďthinkĒ we have enough of the yarn. So, as a project, it seems doable even though Iím worried itís a big undertaking for a gift. Iíve been sort of itching to swatch the yarn and give it a go Ė or at least decide for sure if itís a project I want (or am willing!) to commit to. But, Iím trying to be good. I feel strongly that I need to finish my Ribby Cardi and maybe even my Must Have before I get something else big started. (Other than lace. I'm for sure ready to start something new, but I haven't honed in on what yet.) Besides, it is quickly approaching time to wear those sweaters. Heck, I had on a sweater and coat today, and Matthew wore a knit hat to school. Sorry to those of you enduring heat!

My biggest concern about it and the Ribby Cardi is the process of putting in the zipper. Iíve never done that before. I am a little afraid of the process. From what Iíve read, it works best to do it by hand, and Iím having trouble believing I can get a zipper in by hand that will be really secure.

A Ribby in Green


In truth, the greens are richer and deeper than shown here. The dark green is darker. The light green has more chartreuse/lime in it. I'm not sure if my camera is just on its way out, or if it was a lighting issue, but the colors look washed out in this photo (as well as the other five I took despite the fact that I moved the stack around the room trying to correct the problem). We live in the fogband of SF. I drive the 1.2 miles to preschool, and it's sunny and warmer. If I drive the 1.5 miles the other way to the grocery, it's always at least 10 degrees warmer. Micro-climates are cool, but it can make dressing hard - unless you are staying home, and sometimes we get strange light in our treehouse-like house, especially when fog is billowing around the big (room-length) window in the living room.

But, I love the fog and the cool weather, so I'm willing to cope with a weak photo now and again.

Still, you get a sense here of what's going on with the Ribby Cardi. I finished the left front the other night. I got on a roll, and while I held sleeping Spencer, I watched an entire Netflix DVD of Gilmore Girls and sat and knit happily in the living room. I'm a little skeptical of the raglan point and being able to actually put it all together neatly when done. But, so many of you have made this that I'm sure it must work, so I'm following blindly along. It's nice easy and fast knitting. I can't wait to see it finished.

Darned Bugs

I guess I should feel lucky that the bugs in this case are viral and not the heady ones that others at the preschool have been circulating for the last few weeks. We live in fear, serious fear, of those bugs. I sleep with a boy's head on each side of me. The idea of "those" bugs has riddled my dreams more than once lately. Probably because I was so preoccupied with the thought of "those" bugs, summer viruses caught me unprepared.

The older one caught it first, and even though he's older, it's still hard to get a clear story on what really hurts. The barking cough sounded bad, for sure, and there were random fevers. He wasn't willing to eat much, and his normally sensitive nature was even more volatile and tear-ridden than usual. But even more telling was when he virtually fell asleep in the middle of dinner.

Watching as the little one grabbed his brother's left-behind juice cup from the floor one night, I felt like I was in slow motion as I tried to prevent the certain spread of germs. Part of me was arguing that "he'd already been exposed, surely," but part of me feared the worst. That part was right.

Soon, they both had it. In addition to the now two bursting molars, the little one was coughing, cranky, non-sleeping, sneezing in my face periodically, and crying to be held and walked non-stop.

You know where this is going, right? Yep. That'd be me with the seriously sore throat now. For a few days, it just felt a little "off," but in the middle of the night last night, I woke up not with an itchy head but to find myself unable to swallow.

Darned bugs.

I did finish the first sleeve of the Ribby Cardi earlier this week. I am concerned about how much yarn it took. I used the Ribby Cardi's yardage estimation for a yarn of this weight, and I ordered a bit extra. But, of the five skeins I bought for the sleeves and trim, I had to start the third for the sleeve. That concerns me. So, I went ahead and started the front hoping to get a sense as to whether or not I'm going to have enough in that color so that I can order more if I need to (and hope dye lots don't vary greatly in the Knit Picks Andean Silk).

I'm still loving the yarn, and I love the color of the lettuce that I've started for the front. I did have to wince one time on the sleeve when I glanced down to realize I was knitting on a 7 (the right size) and a 6 (the size in my bag from the cast on). I have convinced myself that I only just then made that mistake when I picked up the second needle at that knitting sitting, so it was only for two rows or so. I could be wrong, but I refuse to let myself ponder the possibility.

These lapses have increased this year. I've become notorious for driving off with juice or milk cups on the top of my roof. Then I drove off with leftover chicken nuggets (which for once I thought we'd bring home) on the roof. Then, one night at preschool pickup, I drove off with a fresh and still-damp art project on the hood of the car. It wasn't until I got home that I realized the very cool embroidery-hoop-framed painting he'd done was missing. We drove back and found it there right in the middle of the road where it had no doubt landed during my U-turn to head home. Then, just last weekend, we mysteriously ran dangerously low on both toilet paper and paper towels. I vaguely remembered buying them on a previous Costco run, but neither Megan nor I could find them in the basement. Since they are Costco-sized packages, they would seem hard to miss, so I assumed I was just imagining that I'd picked them up. I bundled up the baby, and we headed out for more. They're still in my trunk, but the next day when I was in the basement milling around, I looked up to spot unopened packages of both sitting on the shelves amidst bags and bags of BrambleBug fleece. And neither of us had spotted them before I bought more!

Ribby Cardi Question


I'll try and post a more extended entry later, but I've got questions on the Ribby Cardi. I started on the sleeves, and I'm not 100% clear on the increases. You're working a K2, P2 rib, and you increase three stitches in from the end...

    k2, m1, cont' across, m1, k2

And you are to just "work in" the increases into the rib. So, in the above row, I've now got:

    k3, p2, [k2, p2]*, k3

When I get to the next increase row, I'm assuming that I (and this is what I did):

    k2, m1, k1, cont' across, k1, m1, k2

So, now I've got k4 at the beginning and end of the row. When I get to the next and the following after that increase, I'm assuming I want to do my m1's as purls.

Can someone who has made the Ribby Cardi confirm?

Thanks in advance.

Ribby Cardi


So, I think I've decided to make a Ribby Cardi in these two colors. Because of color availability in the yarn I'm leaning towards, I moved away from my original pink and green thoughts to this more tonal pairing. But the combination has a retro feel that has really sunk into my brain and become unshakeable. (I'm not normally a retro person, but right now I'm loving the idea of these greens. A mom at school recently got a Timbuk2 bag in similar greens, and I loved it, too, the minute I saw it. But, I have to admit when I've played around with plotting my own Timbuk2 colors, I keep ending up with pinks/reds and or pinks/greens together. I'm in a rut, what can I say. I thought this pink obsession was just post-pregnancy hormones, but it may be here to stay.)

What I can't decide is if I want to make the sleeves in the light or the dark. Thoughts?

lettuce olive

I like the light green "best," but I think the sweater might look best with a dark body and light sleeves.

For those of you that have already made (or ordered for) a Ribby Cardi, am I reading this correctly from the ChicKnits site:

    "Sleeves & Trim: one third of total yardage + one ball in contrast color..."

So that's 1/3 of the total yardage PLUS an extra ball of the contrast color?

I ask because at Elann (which is not the yarn I'm using but is the yarn recommended), the yardage requirements say this:

    "...with sleeves and trim using 1/3 of total yarn, when knitted in two colors."

The "extra" one ball isn't noted here.

By the way, I was thrilled to find a KnitPicks catalog in my mailbox last night. When I picked it up, I instantly knew it was different ... heavier. Yes! Inside there are samples of four of their new yarns. Cool!

Cute Initials

It's always funny how you stumble over things. I was poking around at Elann because I've recently been feeling the effects of getting bitten by the Ribby Cardi bug, probably because Mommio is just one of the latest in a string of bloggers making this cardigan. I was looking at Elann colors of Peruvian Wool (unbelievable price point). I'm almost overwhelmed by the possibilities, but I think I might have to go pink and green. (Very Lilly P, I know, or very Knit Happens. Did you see the Knit Happen's Lorna's Laces colorway. Too cool! And, by the way, I LOVE the Yarn Harlot's pink/green Baby Surprise.) After drooling over the colors, I thought I'd check KnitPicks just to see how their new line of yarns compared. sweater They have a similar Peruvian Wool of their own. The price is a bit less (amazingly), but they don't have nearly the range of color offering - although the kind of shades I'm looking for ARE available in their same-gauged Peruvian Alpaca (hmmm). At any rate, while I was looking around, this "initial" sweater caught my eye. Adorable, huh!

It's from Debbie Bliss's new collection Special Knits: 22 Gorgeous Handknits For Babies and Toddlers. Stumbling over a special knitsDebbie Bliss book of teddy bears was what prompted me to learn to knit (pre-kids even), and I've always been a fan of her children's patterns. I have a good-sized collection of her earlier works, though I haven't made nearly as many things as I thought I'd make as a mother of little ones. Matthew ended up with several sweaters he wore as a baby - and the first project I ever finished for him was a wonderful blue moss-stitch cardigan out of Mission Falls 1824 Cotton (Spencer wears it now). But once Matthew got big enough to object, it became tough to get him to wear sweaters we made! There's a beautiful brown merino Bliss gansey Megan made that's in the closet unworn. Hopefully we'll have better luck with Spencer. For my part, my knitting for the boys (beyond hats, which both like and wear) will probably best be served by cardigans - just like their Mama!

At any rate, this sweater caught my eye.

I'll try and take some update photos today. Knitting on my Must Have has progressed nicely even though I haven't worked on it all that much. It seems to work up quickly, surprisingly. I should finish the left front today. I think I'll leave the stitches on a holder in anticipation of maybe doing a three-needle bindoff for the shoulders.

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