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Flying Geese


At the end of the day, it seemed all I'd sewn was a stack of flying geese. Symbolic? Maybe.

Episode 148 is live.

Tis the Season


(Note - if you read the Here2There blog... this is mostly the same post... but there's a bit more here...)

Sometimes... I find that the gifts I decide to make are gifts I want to give because they're important to me... or sentimental... or symbolic... and not necessarily because I think they are the gifts someone "wants" to receive. It's a strange thing, I guess. In this case, I hope it will be loved and treasured... even as it comes along with regular store-bought gifts. I do sometimes wish that my family all shared the same sensibilities about this kind of thing... that a hand-made piece of art would be "perfect" and not "only perfect as an add-on"... But, at this point in my life, I know the realities, and so I bought what was wanted and made... what I wanted. How come it feels and sounds a bit selfish of me?

The pillow is for a family member, and it was a special project to work on. I know the recipient loves animal print... and always has. And I know that their household colors involve lots of deep and dark browns. And so I went through my stash of pieces, large and small, and pulled out the this's and that's... only a few of them "technically" animal print, and wove something together in terms of color and tone that I love.

I did have to go out and buy the home dec fabric for the top and bottom (and back), and I had hopes for a perfect print... but I couldn't find one. (That trip to the fabric store was one that was carried out to the tune of a four year old in the cart singing, "Pee... pee... pee... I have to pee... " as I tried to quickly find what I needed.) This plaid, however, did seem perfect - really perfect for them and for the pillow. The other fabric I considered is one I already had in my stash, a vibrant orange print with varying shades and a random leaf pattern... very "safari" in feel somehow. It would have worked, but I'm so happy with how this plaid turned out. The whole piece is still vibrant and rich and fun... but very sophisticated at the same time. I hope he loves it.

And, it was satisfying for me... to make it... and to give it.

We're Setting Up...


I've got a small list of custom photo pillows I'm working on these days, in and around other things (like schools and job). The above is a snippet from a pillow I finished over the weekend. I think it may be my favorite yet. It's a first in a few ways, too. But, all in all, it follows the same approach I take to my patchwork pillows - a look that really is my own. This one, I love, and I love, love, love the black and white dots. For more about this pillow, see the Here2There blog.

But, the reason I'm really popping in today, other than showing off the tones of that pillow... which just make me crazy happy... is to let all of you know that we're doing a few shows in November and December... the first one is next weekend. What that means is that we'll be taking most things out of the Etsy shop...

We'll be working to replenish things there, but I wanted to let all of you know that stuff's gonna suddenly be moving around... and disappearing from the Here2There Etsy shop (as well as the OAmyOAmy shop).

Wish us luck!

(And, hey... we're feeling lonely on the other blog. Come on... be the first to leave us a comment over there.)

New Birds...


As I've mentioned recently on the CMP, my new bird sketches are coming in handy with the range of projects I'm working on for Here2There. This pillow features a number of batiks I picked up on vacation in Oregon this summer. I bought a stack of fat quarters that day - and seeing how beautifully they work up, I wish I'd bought more! I love working with a full range like this. And, though this is a more subdued palette than I sometimes work with, it really speaks to me.


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This one is one Gooma8x and I just finished up... called "Blue Skies." I love it because it's a real change for us in many ways, but especially in terms of color. You won't typically see a lot of blue from us. It's something we agree on. But, I had a wonderful time working with the softer blues in this one and building around four of our birdhouses. This lap quilt is larger than our other pieces, and I like that a lot. In fact, I tested it more than once as I worked on piecing the top, making sure I got it to a size I thought would be really usable... rather than just decorative.

I'm big on use!

Endless Potential of a Photo Pillow


I'm working on a set of 5 pillows for someone, 4 of which feature the same photo... but each is for a different person (a gift) and so each has been requested in a different color scheme. It's amazing to watch how the whole thing is transformed each time with new and different colors... and I know that each scheme will be perfect and special for the recipient. I love that. And I love the range of possibility in how it all plays out. Endless variety... endless fun... endlessly satisfying.

The "other" Green One


I showed one iteration of the green/gold/maroon color scheme the other day. After my customer (one of you! and my trusted guinea pig for this process!) selected this softer color scheme, the bolder one took wings with one of my birds. And this one now frames a family photo - and I hope it becomes a cherished piece in the house. I really do. I love the softness of this and the interplay of colors. And, I love, love, love this new background fabric I used here.

These are, of course, at Here2There, but I'm showing them off just because this "is" right now the work I'm doing.... and loving.

A Green Scheme


So, this is what happens when you work with custom color... you hear "green, gold, and maroon..." and you're off and running... but then later you realize those same exact colors could go a very different way. I finished up a (beautiful) guinea pig photo pillow today that uses a much softer combination of these colors. But... I liked this set, too... there's something striking and bold and yet inviting about them. So, a perfect frame for one of the new bird sketches. I'll show the other pillow soon, too.

New stuff in the Here2There shop.

A green morning.


I had to clean off the table a bit this weekend so that a meeting that needed to happen could happen. It was, I must admit, quite a challenge... to clear off even 70% of it. I probably shouldn't admit that... but it has become my workspace, really. So, I cleared it... and the meeting happened. And then, there is that wonderful span of time where the table is clear... and even as you start laying things out... there's a beauty to it... a structure... a sparseness (versus the sometimes chaotic clutter of creative process). This morning, I walked in to take a photo of something else I finished last week, and I was struck by the span of the table crossing to the bin of greens propped by the window... there's a wonderful tonal continuity to it somehow... three projects here... all almost complete. Nice. Satisfying. Soothing to the eye.

Happy Monday.

In Green

In Green

Gooma8x is out of town for a bit, which puts a serious crimp in even remote collaboration! This is one of the larger Lovee "tops" I have finished that is now folded up and stored in a baggy to go out in the mail when she returns. One of several!

Tall skinny birdhouses... they're fun!



It's birdhouses all the time around here right now... well... birdhouses and photo pillows... it's true. But, I have to say, these birdhouses make me smile! This is the top of a small quilt I collaborated on with Gooma8x and that we recently finished for Here2There. Every time I see it from afar in this way, I get this feeling of walking a maze somehow... of a yellow-brick road... that's not yellow! I don't know. But, it does make me smile.

Sweet Montage of Color and Line

Photo Pillow.

Oh, no! I've become one of those people that walks around the grocery talking into thin air... the recent passing of the hands-free law in California means a Bluetooth earpiece made its way into my hands (okay, I had to buy it)... and I love it. Not only can I talk while I shop now, but I can also talk while I sew or iron or cut things out or even fill up water balloons in the back yard!

I'm, unfortunately, not able to talk while I spend time on the job boards looking ...

I probably did talk on the phone at some point or other while laying out the pieces that went into this pillow. Isn't it sweet? It is one of a set of photo pillows I'm working on right now. I love the colors of this one.

Fabric Collage


Well, really... it was probably just a matter of time... a logical adaptation of what I do with pen ... and paper... and fabric... and somehow tying it all together and spinning it just a bit. These are fully of whimsy.

Did you ever see Spirited Away? For some reason, that movie comes to mind as I build these fabric-collage birdhouses.

These are others are available in the joint shop. Check out what we're doing at Here2There.


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I've been wanting to take time to make this series forever, and so, I'm glad to finally have given it a go. There are a few guinea pigs on my table, but these make me smile! See this set of 3 at Here2There.

Birdhouses Here2There


The story of collaboration continues, and the small quilt above (a "Lovee") was just finished as a commission. This is one of a line of art quilts we are doing... many, many birdhouses. But many other things, as well. We'll be listing things at Here2There at Etsy in coming weeks. The first Birdhouse lovee though... oh... it's so so so pretty. I can say that because, really, Gooma8x put this one together (using birdhouses we each made). I'll show my first one, hopefully, next week!

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