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Episode 132: Touchstones

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~ time spent on a rock beach, heart rocks, the perfect tray, a perfect sojourn
~ July ATC assignments will be emailed late (circa 7/7), theme is: HISTORY
~ special birthday music show – a self-indulgent birthday week treat!

  • Today by Amy Dalley

  • A Sudden Slant of Light by Alyssa Brightman

  • Sparrow by Laura Hughes

  • Next up is A Little Bit Broken by The Sugar Beets

  • Breathe by Katy Pfaffl

  • I Got Sunshine by Sarah VonderHaar

  • Waiting for Something to Happen

  • This Little Bird by Allison Crowe

  • The Sun Again will Shine by Slackstring

  • Moonchild by Shelly Niebuhr

  • Born to Shine by Joshua Kadison

  • Through it All by Katy Pfaffl

  • Full of Grace by Laura Hughes

  • And One Song by Joshua Kadison

  • Alleluia by Amy Ayres

(Length: 1 hr, 11 min, 42 sec )

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