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A CameraDay 5 – A Sunday.

The school auction happened at the end of Day 4. With only a few weeks before the deadline, we started working on a collaborative donation. After much debate about which colorway to use, we settled on what felt safest, the one we felt might draw the attention of “this” audience. We donated a collaborative wall hanging in Asian fabrics and gold tones. The other colorway, our first choice, was bolder, brighter, and more graphic. In the end, we made both so that we could decide with bird in hand, and as a result, a new series was born. The piece we donated was Number 2 in our “My Line” series for 2012. It’s a pretty piece and marked some new trails for us in terms of the way we approach line and the way we intermingle our pieces and approach the “canvas” of a quilted piece.

In the end, however, it wasn’t the most successful auction experience. (The auction itself did very well.) I realized mid-morning (the day after) that the auction had left me feeling a bit out of sorts in thinking about our work. It took a bit of time Sunday morning — and some cream of wheat — to snap myself out of it. I burned off a lot of energy pulling out bins of fabric and sorting and resorting, always trying to reclaim plastic bins to use for new projects and finding treasured bits and pieces that were “just right” for the projects we have underway right now.

My head (and some bins) cleared a bit, I was ready to tackle the third “row” project we had planned… rooster and chickens. We’ve done roosters and chickens before. It was one of our early projects, in fact. But it’s been a while — and that quilt is long gone to a good home. Like the food palette, the roosters fall in a similar range (at least the way we do them) and occupy a color palette in which we love to work. It’s exciting and bright and bold and cheerful. It was good that these colors were just beginning to march across the wall as I refocused and got ready to work. We got a lot done.

Then we headed to the beach where it seemed oddly like summer. It was bright, but beautiful. There were many photos, much sea glass hunting, and a good bit of fresh air. A quick trip to the grocery yielded some necessities, including roses. And then we hit the local Squat and Gobble for dinner.

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