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Quilt on a Gate

Amy Featured | Quilting

Churn Dash



This is not a quilt I made. But isn’t it beautiful? This quilt was a gift in 2012, one of a special collection I am lucky to have.  Some days I am not sure where to put all the quilts I am accumulating at a rapid rate. But I love them all, and each is unique. Each tells a story. Each captures something about a certain year.

This quilt contains a traditional Churn Dash as the unifying element, there are many other bits and pieces worked in, including remnants from other projects (some collaborative) from the last few years, fabric collage from my kids a few years ago, and more.

I took it along recently when the boys and I went away for a few days. I took it, hoping that there might be outdoor chairs that would be perfect for photos. Unfortunately, there were no truly inspiring chairs that seemed right for the series of drawings I’ve been doing, and the murky weather didn’t lend itself to a lot of outdoor photo exploration. The weather didn’t keep the kids out of the pool, however, and so I draped the quilt over the gate and snapped a few photos on the final afternoon while they played in the water.

I love the bold contrast of the quilt against the green of the outdoors.




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