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A New Year

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Playing Magic

Saturday, January 5.

Almost a week in, and it feels like it is just now the New Year, as if today should rightly be the start. Much of the last two weeks was spent gathered around the table (my sewing machine and piles of books and bins of fabric and assorted diabetes supplies stacked and scattered all around us) playing Wizard. I bought several games for the family, a holiday tradition of my Mom’s, including Cthulhu Fluxx, Spicy Farkel, and our own copy of Rummikub. And in the days right before Christmas, Gramma taught the boys to play five card draw, which warranted a rain-soaked run to get a new deck of cards and a box of poker chips (which were collected and bartered for early gifts). Poker was a hit. And we have been playing Rummikub for years. But Wizard was the highlight of the season. It was the first trump card game for the boys, and they loved it. It is a great game and completely stole the show in the days that followed its opening. (If you have a history with games like spades, hearts, Rook, or Canasta, you might like Wizard. Another trump game I considered was Xactika, but reviews of it were really mixed.)

So we played a lot of Wizard. It was an unusual holiday in that we really did spend hours each day… playing Wizard. But it was good. (Those hours mean not a lot of other things happened surround the New Year. I still have not taken my sewing machine back up out of the floor. But I do have 2012 blocks from collaboration on the design wall, and I did start a year project on New Year’s. I will update on those soon!)

My mom returned home yesterday, and when we got ready to do something today, the kids surprised me by wanting to play Magic the Gathering (shown above). Wizard came out again later in the day, but it was nice to play Magic for a change of pace. (Other parents think I am crazy, but I actually really enjoy it. I tried out some of the new decks and cards they got. Lots of fun.)

With the holidays over, I can vouch for a middle readers trilogy as well. I spotted Divergent about the same time I ran into the Maze Runner trilogy. We listened to the Maze Runner books in the car last year (and really enjoyed them; for your older/teen listeners, or with your discretion). Divergent had caught my eye because it sounds similar to the The Hunger Games. I gave the set as a holiday gift, and my reader loved it. These are big books, and he quickly read through the first. One to check out if your reader likes something that is sort of sci-fi/dystopian.

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  1. I actually got Cthulhu Fluxx for Christmas too — my husband and I enjoyed several rounds over the break. I think it’s a lot more fun than the original Fluxx (and it makes me want to try Monty Python Fluxx, since I know that “mythology” even better). Has your family ventured much into the realm of board games, or just mostly card games? Settlers of Catan is a great introductory board game — way better than the “classic” board games (i.e. Monopoly, Candyland).

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