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A Start

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No Fear of the Blank Page Here.

This was a bit ago… after we spotted a Townsend’s Warbler (yellow and black with mask!) for the first time in a bush across from the house as we were going to the park to make a “first” YouTube video about folding paper airplanes. Once we were all done, I created the opportunity for this–having brought both the little journal and my nifty new set of Stabilo 88 pens. They are pretty irresistible! He’s got a mouth (and hand) full of nuts, but I’ll match his “Go Giants!” note with a cheer of my own. And… yes… I matched his journal note with one of my own. Luckily I had a blank journal in my bag. It is one I had planned to use for Zentangle patterns… but this was arguably the right use and the right moment! (Both the pens and the Moleskine Volant in green were gifts for a creative–and colorfully organized–New Year. LOVE both. Volants come in lots of colors…)

(The backstory to the story.)
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