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A pointless photo, but after making my second full cup, I was thinking about a meeting I had this week. I typically manage to keep a low meeting profile, but before our once-a-month in person staff meeting this week, I agreed to a pre-meeting with a young scientist to talk about social media. She does not live in the Bay Area but was staying in Union Square for this (rare) city-based meeting. I don’t spend much time in the Financial District or South of Market, so I poked around online to try and find a coffee shop near our main meeting location. Ultimately, Starbucks was easy to figure and count on. We met there… And she had a tiny hot chocolate. I downed my venti and then when we got to our main meeting, I welcomed the opportunity to refill my cup from an available carafe. Me and the other 40-somethings, I guess.

My young scientist explained that she has watched a parent who drinks two cups a day and knows it is in her genes and doesn’t want to do that. Oh spare me! Like an ancient sage or an old tortoise, I told her there are way worse things you can do than drink coffee.

I am suddenly drinking more coffee than ever before (at home), and I still pass out in exhaustion each night before I manage to find any ‘me’ (creative) time.

“Coffee may be my one remaining luxury in life,” I told the group around me. “I am definitely not going to begrudge myself my coffee!”

Drink it or don’t. But spare the rest.

Here, I am hoping for some kind of quasi-normal (for me) weekend… which I hope means some time to work on something. I always hope :) I have spent too much time already this morning savoring my alone time and
watching the darkness fade around me into light as I browsed, played my morning games, evaluated some app options, and did some math as part of planning a 2013 collaborative yearlong project. Time now to move into the day… which means the kids are now up.

(Posting from mobile app… Still working out kinks with getting photos to work this way in this template. Would love a new template. Like the look of this one but a bad choice from code side.)

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