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Echoes of Once Upon a Time

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It has been a not easy week. It gas been the kind of week that makes me doubt everything. But the fruit I picked up a few weeks back for my next EDM were going soft. It was the right thing to do this morning, centering in its own way. Why pencil? Not sure. It is what I grabbed, maybe because I have been scratching in cartoon panels in pencil now and again. Just a rough sketch and a memory of what daily sketching offers and how it feels to sit in the quiet morning and draw.

See all that mess in the phone pic of the fruit? I call that honesty in blogging! Sure. I could have shown you a beautiful bokah-laden photo of the fruit on a simple background. But this is the nitty-gritty folks.

(This is Everyday Matters prompt 24–draw a piece of fruit. The next few coming up on the list are odd “draw x or whatever you like” ones. But first draw a drinking glass.)

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One comment on “Echoes of Once Upon a Time

  1. Lovely sketch, and glad you and I are almost at the same point on the EDMs. I laughed because I drew a very old and oddly shaped grapefruit.

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