Episode 174: Day by Day

ICAD day 23

A birthday podcast and thoughts on going "daily" in May. Plus, duct tape, Danny Gregory's podcast (from a while back), book reviews, and more.

Featured Podsafe Music:

Intro Clip: Jim Fidler ~ All I Really Wanted [PMN]
Today ~ Amy Dalley
Love Will Rule the World - Joshua Kadison
Someday - Katy Pfaffl
Born to Shine - Joshua Kadison

2 thoughts on “Episode 174: Day by Day

  1. Debra@AshevilleNC

    where can I get a copy of the song you played; Today ~ Amy Dalley? which album? I can't seem to locate it? I really liked it. Today was my first chance to catch your podcast, I enjoyed it! Thanks for being a busy mom that actually gets around to exploring her creative side...reminding the rest of us that it is possible! It inspires me! Thank You.


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