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Episode 220: Dabbling in Documentation

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Episode 220

Squeaking this show in just under the wire for February 1… I like to meet those little milestones and deadlines… and this is a project I am starting today, with the “Day 1” for this month. But you can start whenever you want!

I am going to dabble in a “documentation” project for February, just a toe in the water to do some more deliberate tracking of personal data — a few baseline themes and other creative things to see how and where my creative energies are trending, how the minutes and hours are being divvied up, and, admittedly, how much coffee I actually drink day to day and whether that all lines up in terms of timing or not.

This informal project is, of course, inspired by the awesome Dear Data project. Find out more (and reacquaint yourself with their touchstone project) by following myriad links below.

Pick any day and say “today is the day” and then track for seven days or a month. Pick a single theme or question you want to investigate about your personal life, and start tracking! Be consistent. Be diligent. And then, after the time span has past, turn your data into a visual document.

For additional research into both analog approaches and digital apps/tools, search on lifelogging, quantified self, and data visualization.


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