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ICAD Week 5

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 ICAD Week 5 Roundup
Above: drawings from Week Five of the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge (ICAD). Most of these drawings were based on photos at Sktchy.

Looking Back at Week Five of the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge

Week Five of the 2017 ICAD challenge wrapped up a few days ago with card 35. The seven drawings in this week’s grouping are shown above. In posting this photo at Facebook and Instagram, I mentioned that the week signaled a slight shift in the photos chosen, tackled, and rendered in ballpoint. The shift feels subtle, just a wisp, and it may be a transient shift, my focus snapping back into zoomed-in faces again. But, seeing the cards, I felt the overall difference and, at the same time, the clear continuity of this series.  Images chosen for the “Dessert or Desert” prompt and then the Fourth of July, specifically, led me to contemplate and capture images different in scale and tone. 

I am obsessing about other kinds of ballpoint cartridges, refills, and inks, but I have used, almost exclusively, Bic blue (medium) for these drawings. Right now, it is the tried and true ballpoint ink for these daily drawings.

Last week, I released Episode 244: Love What You Do of the Creativity Matters Podcast. It contains some important reflection on doing a daily challenge and on giving yourself permission to admit that you love what you do.

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