I have been wanting to try this list widget… to see if it will help me move things from here to there… from the void to the blog. There used to be segments in the podcast (way back in the beginning) that were random assortments… maybe not quite this random though! Anyway, a few things on my mind to share. If you think this is chaotic… you should see me in person!

  • Rainbow igloo (LOVE this so much; Science Buddies post coming!)
  • LED lights (Magical; and ties to a memory of a very special and cool room at the hospital last December — the All-Star Room, with its absolutely amazing ceiling of blinking lights… a starfield of sorts)
  • A glimpse of “Ode to Joy” on the design wall (shared at Facebook)
  • A glimpse (literally) of my “daily” project for this year (shared at Facebook)
  • Jetpens  (Enough said. This was my best discovery of the holiday shopping season! I could spend forever browsing there!)
  • Pentel Tradio Energel, Green (Gave these in various colors as gifts. LOVE them. Tradio Stylio body with a gel inner. Woohoo! Smooth. Seriously.)
  • Uni Alpha-gel Shaker Mechanical Pencil (We had never heard or used “shaker” pencils before; very cool concept! And the gel grip on this model is nice. Look at Jetpens for easy ordering.)
  • OtterBox Defender Series (Probably really need an Otterbox. In my haste and scrambling today to detach from work and get to a pickup, I dropped my phone as I got in the car. Yikes.)
Sparking and Spotting

One thought on “Sparking and Spotting

  • January 18, 2013 at 11:54 PM

    I want to read Danny’s book, but I don’t want to at the same time.
    And I’m always happy to peruse happy lists! Thanks for sharing


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