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Episode 225: Surfaces w/ Sktchy drawing and book by Sabrina Ward Harrison

In Episode 225 of the CMP, the creative journey continues with confirmation of the flamingo, a coyote, a coffee, discussion of age-old questions like “If you were stranded on a deserted island, what book (or 10) would you want with you,” and a close-up look at a journal from artist Sabrina Ward Harrison. I love this journal as a collected look at her art as well as an inspiring workbook someone could inhabit and “fill in.” I have talked about Sabrina Ward Harrison’s books in previous CMP shows (long, long ago), and it was incredibly inspiring and exciting to look at this book with fresh eyes and in the context of “now.”

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Playing Magic

Saturday, January 5. Almost a week in, and it feels like it is just now the New Year, as if today should rightly be the start. Much of the last two weeks was spent gathered around the table (my sewing machine and piles of books and bins of fabric and assorted diabetes supplies stacked and… more…

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