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Personal Data Tracking Update

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Screenshot form Giorgia Lupi video

The screenshots above are from the Giorgia Lupi – Information Designer video of a talk Lupi gave at the School of Visual Arts. Getting My Feet Wet with Data Tracking February is almost over. All month long I have been taking a closer look at data tracking questions, processes, approaches, and visualization techniques and strategies. My…. Read more…

Episode 221: Goggles

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Episode 221: Goggles

Thoughts on seeing, on the baseline parameters and “tried and true” contours that help us understand who we are, on wearing black, and on really funky, Steampunk-inspired goggles… and the value of using some other kind of lens to help you see beyond what you already know and believe.

Questions to End a Year

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CMP Episode

I slept later this morning that normal, and when I woke to find the room already light, I was dismayed. I had missed two or more beautiful and quiet hours of the last day of the year, and I really wanted to not have missed them. I need all the hours in this day I…. Read more…

Episode 177: What You See

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The first in a new series of short episodes, looser in feel, but the same spirit an energy of the CMP. This is the grown up version of the CMP. Challenge: Try the daily journal page described, inspired by Lynda Barry’s Syllabus: Notes from an Accidental Professor, paying special attention to the “saw” side of…. Read more…

Little Steps

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It is nice to feel I can drop in here, silently. The phrase “like a ninja” comes to mind, and it makes me laugh. (I am so very far from Ninja-like!) But the space here in the blog is fascinating. No one has realized I am here, and it is inviting and relaxing and somehow…. Read more…